Saturday, November 1, 2014

Nemawashi, part II

The head is like an apparatus, it plays the role of police. But the centre of gravity of your presence is in your solar plexus, which is the centre of feeling. That is where things happen. The head is like a typewriter. You understand what I say? Your question proves that you do not work as I have just been saying; it is necessary to find the way to work like that. Not with your head. 

Your head can only constate, not in any way work. You must work with your sensation and your feeling. As for the head, it can see whether they are together or separate. The head is not a part of the organism, it is separate from the organism. The body can die, the head also. But the head can die and the rest go on living. The head is nothing, a function, a typewriter, an apparatus. When you concentrate your attention in your head, you can constate what goes on in you. But the head is nothing, it is a stranger to the organism.

Gurdjieff, Transcripts of Wartime Meetings, p. 47

I made the comment recently that it is not at all that I should wish to make my sensation live; but rather that I wish to live within my sensation.

With that in mind, I want to come back to this concept of building a consensus, or Nemawashi.

The idea of preparing a root ball for planting is a compelling one.

I want to be much more rooted in my being; and that is a literal thing, not some euphemism or allegorical image. I literally want to have my awareness rooted in my body, exactly as though I were a plant with many fine roots that extend down into the body and help me to stay firmly in front of myself.

This rooting of awareness takes place through very fine fibers of attention that exist at the lower levels of awareness. These fibers of attention don't develop unless I work for a long time; and I don't control them or rule them. They are their own entity with their own consciousness, which participates in the whole as an entity in its own right. I stress this and repeat it because there is a persistent idea afootthat subordinates sensation; and to make it of the mind is to take away from it what it actually is.

This piece of territory, this ball of the roots within me, needs to be prepared  that is, all of it needs to hold together quite well in order for it to nourish the plant that is my being. That preparation consists largely of attending to my inner life, that is, attention. And that attention is turned towards sensation and feeling, because that is where my attention needs to be invested.

There needs to be a consensus among my parts — and they need to be prepared. The parts can't act in concert unless there is a tangible relationship between them; and I can't participate in that relationship if I don't invest my being itself in the parts.


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