Saturday, October 18, 2014

The roots of sensation

I've been talking about the organic sense of being and the roots of sensation for many years now; I originally used the term in May 2008 to describe a permanent and complete sensation of Being, as opposed to ordinary physical sensation.

Of course, my initial comments were almost a year before the publication of Transcripts of Gurdjieff's meetings, 1941-46; and I point this out to readers so that they understand I didn't crib the term from the existing literature (as per meeting transcript # 2) as various suspicious souls may be inclined to think.  I called it that because that is what it is; and Gurdjieff used same words, because there aren't any other words for it.

The organic sense of being is an objective condition, not something one can make up; and no one can mistake it for anything than what it is if one has it. Of course, I have said this before as well; but I want readers to well understand that they should make no mistakes in understanding, that is, one absolutely has to see that this question is entirely different than one's ordinary conception of sensation.

We have the ability to become rooted in the body in a quite literal sense, that is, to have an experience of the roots themselves, so that we are the roots, we become the roots. The roots are what feed Being; and one doesn't experience Being without these roots, because the plant of Being can't be nourished if it isn't tapping into the level below it for its nutrients. Without this, everything remains theoretical and hypothetical; and of course this is the center of gravity for a very great deal of so-called inner work. Nothing becomes practical until one knows the difference. Theory can pose as practice under ten thousand different conditions; be wary of it.

 Practice fundamentally begins with the organic sense of being, which is rooted, and this never happens until and unless one comes into relationship with a higher energy. That relationship waxes and wanes in exactly the same way that the moon does; and indeed, initially, these influences are under lunar rule. Over time, as roots deepen and the experience of Being grows, the influences shift and become predominantly solar; this represents a different kind and level of action. It does not eclipse the lunar action, so to speak; the action of the roots of being always remains, but different actions take place in terms of the solar influences.

 The important thing to remember, I find, is that I can't work without this energy.

I find that one of the greatest mistakes I see people make in inner work is in thinking that they can work without relationship to a higher energy. That relationship must always come first; and unless the energy is there, and there is an intimate connection to it, that is, a fecund, procreative, and essentially fearless and loving relationship, there is no food for real work on Being. In the absence of such food, the mind can get itself up to all kinds of nonsense; and it does. Everything that leads up to receiving of the energy which feeds Being is preparation, only. One can't really call it "work." It is just setting up the furniture in the studio. But one can sometimes set up furniture for so long that one thinks the whole point of effort is to set up furniture, not to have guests come in and sit on it.

 In order to begin any inner work, I need to seek the root of Being; and I need to hope that the root of Being will seek me. It is only when we join together here that anything begins. Here, there can be a kind of continuity in Being that is lacking in the temporary nature of mind.

That is the thread that connects us to what is real in life.


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