Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Self Remembering, part III

Because the self, on this level, has a precise nature—an emanation of divinity according to the physical and spiritual laws of this level, seamlessly blended within a human being—self-remembering consists of remembering that nature.

This means that self remembering always begins with a conscious relationship to the divine emanation that initially creates self and being, at the center of the spine. The awareness needs to invest itself within self, that is, sense the eternal and continuous arising of life and being from this inner "point" of origin. All of life radiates outward from this point through sensation into the rest of the body.

Self-remembering is, unfortunately, a degenerate science in its present form because it has so often been inadvertently turned into an outward science, deeply tied to various psychological theories that have little or nothing to do with the essence of the question. One cannot in the least remember one's self without coming into relationship with a higher energy; and yet people think they can "do" this in ten thousand different ways, none of which begin with a sensation of the higher energy, the actual emanation of the original self, which is constantly and eternally re-created within the heart of Being at every instant.

The correct remembering of self begins with sensation, because the emanation of self into being through the divine inflow finds its origins and understanding rooted first in the sensation of life, not in the thought of life. (There is, to be sure, a thought of life, but it is a higher entity, and we are not on a level where that can be properly comprehended, even though most people obsessively seems to think it's possible.)

If all this is true, one might ask, what are the relevant natures of energy at the top and the bottom of the spine?

The energy at the top of the head is a separate energy which comes as help. This energy does not belong to self as we know self. If and when we can open to it, it is quite critical in terms of lending assistance, but that assistance stands apart from our responsibility to come into relationship with our own Being through the sensation of self at the center of the spine.

The energy at the base of the spine is actually a root into the sensation of the body, which anchors being; but this also serves as a point through which the energy we serve flows outward into lower levels.

In this way, we come to understand that self, as referred to in the words self-remembering- is actually a radiant inner force of Being which creates this life, emanating directly from a divine source. When we remember the self, we do so by understanding its energetic nature, and the fundamentally generative and creative role it plays in our inner being. In order to understand this we need to come into relationship with a higher energy which, although it is higher, is properly of this level. That is to say, it functions according to the laws of this level.

The organ kundabuffer took this fundamental ability away from man. It tied his sensation first to pleasure, and only afterwards to service; and this is why Gurdjieff said that it caused man to perceive the world "topsy turvy." The correct order of Being, as it emanates from the divine, is to understand the principle of pleasure serving; and mankind was rearranged to service pleasure. This inversion needs to be corrected.

The action of self-remembering is, in other words, an inner action in which we turn the face of our soul back towards the divine—and we do this through sensation of Being, not through outward action and psychology.


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