Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Self Remembering, part II

In order to understand what the self actually is on this level— which is entirely proper and possible, since in dealing with self on this level we deal with the self of this level first—it's necessary to understand what the self of this level consists of first, before we consider why we ought to remember it—or why, in fact, we ever forgot it in the first place.

In order to do this, we'll need to make a wide-ranging excursion through a variety of subjects. First of all, we need to understand that the self manifests primarily through "receivers" of energy within the spinal column.

The reason that the organ Kundabuffer was originally created in man was because if he retained the normal sense of Being that creates a Self capable of objective reason, upon seeing that his efforts would all merely serve a form of cosmic slavery, he would on principle destroy himself; that is, simply  put, the circumstances in which he dwelt would be seen as intolerable.

In order to prevent this, the organ Kundabuffer was implanted; and, while its chief effects were material and measurable, above all the effect it had was to cause man to be unable to properly sense his self.

Now, the cosmic individuals who installed this aberrant factor in man ought to have foreseen its consequences; but they did not. The location in which the organ was implanted was the base of the spine; and the sense of self is located specifically in the spine.

In order to properly understand this we need first of all to understand that the sense of individual self is the holy denying property of the universe. The reason is simple: to experience one's self as separated from God, one denies God; self affirmation can only come at the expense of unity, relative to the unity of the absolute. All manifestation of Being short of God Himself is a denial of God, since it separates from that selfsame unity.

Man, as a microcosmos ( a tiny model of the entire cosmos) reflects that system through the nervous system, connected by the vertical structure of the spinal column.

The head represents the holy affirming force, that is, unity of all selves; the spine, holy denying, that is, individual self; and the nerve nodes which convey sensation are, in the case of mankind, the holy reconciling force.

What is most important to understand here, in the midst of what might turn out to be a rather complicated story, is that the sense of self on this level manifests in spinal energy. The serpent, in ancient art, ultimately represents the self; and the serpent that tempted Eve is, in essence, self will. Self will tempts us to pick and eat the material fruits of existence without respect for the higher. In a certain sense the whole history of mankind follows on this action.

The spinal column of a human Being receives and transmits the energy of Being through three principle locations; but the energy of self and of Being which manifests on this level—which is the part we are primarily concerned with right now—is in the center of the spine, where the "heart" is located. Generally speaking, people reading about and discussing the heart confuse it with the actual organ that pumps blood, whereas the spiritual heart of human beings- which is the heart referred to in all esoteric practice—is actually a central point that has no actual physical dimension, located in the upper chest and more or less in the exact center of the spine, "inside" the spine. I say "inside" in quotation marks because the physical location is radiant and can't be limited by a definition.

The spiritual self, or Being, of an or woman radiates outward from this precise point, where it is received on this level according to the divine inflow, or influence, which flows into man and gives Being life. This emanation of life itself, and the consequent arising of one's created, living Being, is forever arising and being birthed from this source of inflow. It is the radiant creation of Self by God that manifests on this level.

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