Friday, October 10, 2014

Putting all of the action of the mind directly into question

 Crucifixion, by Lucas Cranach the Elder

So let's talk about this more.

The action of an organic sensation of Being is to put all of the action of the mind directly into question.

 I say all of the action of the mind, because the intellectual mind is comprehensive in its action within life; for the most part, it dominates everything, even when it is strongly influenced by a more powerful center... typically, the emotions. Everything that I think about life, myself, all the concepts about inner work and false personality and self remembering and so on, all are of the mind. They go into the mind; they live in the mind; they come out of the mind. The intellectual mind processes everything with words and concepts, and this is where the center of gravity of my understanding lies, because the other two mines are not trained to be active or understand.

In a certain sense, the mind of the body and the mind of the emotions — these two intellects or brains that are quite different than my intellectual brain — are frightened creatures, because they have been sidelined and are rarely offered the chance to really participate in life. They blunder about in one direction or another blindly, unable to speak the language of the intellect and confused about why it is constantly instructing them to do things that are clearly, from their own point of view, absurd. All three of our centers, if they are acting in concert, suffer from this problem. This is why we are such tormented creatures.

We can't discover anything real or true about the mind unless there is a center of gravity, a strong weight, in which the attention centers itself that is oppositional — not in the sense of trying to fight with the mind, but in the sense of balancing it. There needs to be at an investment of being in a second place that has a strong weight and gravity to anchor the mind, so that the mind can actually be observed as a separate entity.

Now, because of the way that inner work (whichever one you want to discuss) is constructed, one uses the intellectual mind, the thinking mind, to try and observe the other parts. A bit of pondering ought to reveal the fact that this is a profoundly ass backwards way to understand things, because the other parts also have a full and comprehensive ability to observe from within their own center of gravity, and yet I place all my efforts in the mind. It may take years for me to understand that it's actually possible to have sensation or feeling come along and participate in an action of conscious observing that is separate and equal to anything that comes from the mind. If and when I do have an experience like this, I often mistake it for an experience of higher consciousness — and to the extent that it has informed me that my other parts are also real brains with a real sense of "I" in them, it is. Yet it is indubitably just an experience of this level, albeit a quite different one that I am completely unfamiliar with. If I do have such experiences, it may take me years to understand that they are just rather ordinary tools that ought to be functioning at all times and integrated into this understanding of being that I form almost exclusively with my intellect.

Once the center of gravity for consciousness and understanding of self acquires strength and objectivity through its manifestation in a center other than the mind, it puts the mind directly into question. Sensation is particularly useful for this, because it does not "think" in words; it's unable to rationalize or fiddle around with things. What it does is plant me right here in this body, now — and once I see how that works, once I see from within the sensation, I observe the mind at work and I begin to get the sense that it is an idiot in many ways... I could explain this further, but perhaps not here. But if you want to know more about Gurdjieff's science of idiots, there is a clue.


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