Friday, October 24, 2014

Liquid Silver

Commentaries on Transcripts of Gurdjieff's meetings, 1941-46

Luc: I was exhausted by my negative emotions organically. Today, I have never felt so well, so animated.

Gurdjieff: Never have you had, previously, any liquid silver. You must feel that you have today some liquid silver.

Transcripts of Guirdjieff's Wartime Meetings, p. 26

It's quite difficult to describe the exact nature of the inward flow of the divine Being— the substance of Self— with ordinary words. To refer to the organic sense of Being, or Presence, is quite correct, and more often than not, when Gurdjieff says that one should have a sense of one's Presence, he is referring to the organic sense of Being, which is so closely tied to cellular sensation — a sensation radically different than ordinary sensation.

Yet the arrival of sensation itself—taken as a permanent, and not ephemeral, condition—is not at all enough. Although sensation has a living quality, there is also an energy that feeds it, and not all of this energy is derived from air — the second being food, or, "help for the moon," as Gurdjieff claims the citizens of Atlantis called it:

The beings of the continent of Atlantis then named the second being-food 'amarloos,' which meant 'help for the moon,' and they named the third being-food the sacred 'amarkhoodan,' which signified for them 'help for God.'

—Beelzebub's Tales To His Grandson, p. 718

The energy that feeds all of the processes of living in Being within a conscious state — which is a state related to the manifestation of all centers above all specifically in relationship with a higher energy— is a part of that living inflow of energy depicted in the fountain on the left-hand side of the Garden of Earthly Delights.

This object shows a process that takes place within human beings—the inward flow of the substance of the divine as it manifests on this level.

This is the "liquid silver" Gurdjieff refers to in is comment to his pupil. The expression is a good one; I have worked for many years to describe the phenomenon as it arrives, and although there are other analogies, I'm unable to come up with a better one.

He describes the energy as liquid because it is ubiquitous, flowing throughout the body with prejudice, entering into all of the elements of Being and enlivening them.

And he calls it silver because it is a precious element—let us be clear about that, because it is an element in the strictest sense of the word, that is, an entity which is whole and unified within itself and cannot be reduced to any lesser components. As a precious element, it enhances everything it touches; and indeed, we need this for our inner work, as he indicates.

What he is instructing Luc to sense here is that he has this liquid silver in him, this inward flow; it is what is sustaining him and animating his Being.

The need here is to come into a direct sensory contact with that inward flow: Gurdjieff tells him he "must feel it," that is, it is his responsibility to feel it; he must respond to it by consciously sensing the nature of the inner energy.


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