Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Being and manifestation

Underneath every active external manifestation, Being.

 There is nothing but Being, which is forever born within. This is the understanding I wish to come to — and the understanding I participate in all day, every day. If life doesn't begin here, there is no living.

In order to come into contact with Being, Being must be a living thing — not an idea in my head. Reading books about it and discussing with other people all happens after the fact, if the fact happens.

 Life is such a precious thing, which begins from within, and takes in what is outward so deeply, if it is given the opportunity. There is a richness here, a beauty, a deep love that never fails, as long as I am present to it.

One could ask for much more, I suppose; and indeed, there is much more available, according to how available I am myself. Yet even to begin, this is enough. In this is the beginning of gratitude; the beginning of prayer, the beginning of love. As long as these things begin in me, there is an endlessness available to them. These qualities aren't meant to be finite; each one is an active exploration of Being, and none of them has limits within themselves, only the ones described by how available I am.

 I find it unprofitable to complain about how one can't put anything real into words. I think that this idea simply arises because many folk lack imagination; words are as good as anything for what is real and what isn't. They are an external manifestation, it's true; and yet they belong to Being as much as any part of me. Why throw them out or alienate them? Every rejection is a devaluation. It is, I find, surprising to see how many rejections of this kind slip on a mask of spirituality in order to pretend they are valid. Taking life in — that is real.

There is nothing to reject in life, if I accept what life is.


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