Monday, September 1, 2014

Sensation and Angelic Presence, part III

So I would like to come back to this question of organic sensation by explaining that (a) it is a cosmological manifestation of the angelic orders; that (b) it actually represents the manifestation of an angelic order of intelligence; and (c) that it constitutes the penetration of our Being by angelic introspection during life, as opposed to the introspection which Swedenborg describes after death takes place.

The energy of the organic sense of Being is essential to what de Salzmann called seeing, since seeing as she describes it does not belong to the natural or mortal level, but the angelic orders.

Our mistake in this matter is that we always take everything as coming from ourselves; yet one must, in other words, acquire a definite amount of angelic energy—energy, as she called it, from a higher level—in order to see. Everyone discusses seeing as though it belonged to us, on this level; yet what sees belongs to a different order, one which can never actually be described except within a human Being's innermost, most secret and most silent soul. Close to where it touches God.

Seeing is that precisely, exact, and scientific process whereby one sees all of one's being exactly as it is and categorically cannot escape one's manifestations any more; and it is well known that Madame insisted that both the inflow of a higher energy and the manifestation of a voluntary, or self-conscious, self-aware, sensation was necessary. She insisted this simply because the angelic order must be contacted and actively expressed in order for seeing to begin. Anything else is a manufactured sham.

This process of seeing, which takes place in the angelic inspection of the soul after death (according to the Egyptians, it had to be lighter than a feather to properly qualify) only takes place in life through the active and tangible presence of that same angelic manifestation; which is rarely experienced except in brief moments. More properly, this presence ought to be in one at all times.

The organic sense of Being generally arrives only after long-term suffering and the arrival of what Jeanne de Salzmann called "the big energy." (See Heart without Measure.) That is, its arrival is accompanied by personalized angelic visitations, which same are, at least—unlike many more spurious psychic manifestations—rather difficult to misunderstand or misinterpret, bewildering and frightening though they may be.  

 Real "intentional" suffering generally begins in the moment when one's organic sense of Being puts one in the place where one sees that one is unable to go against one's own wrong manifestations even when one is aware of them.

Mind you, spiritual development so often presumes that we'll somehow become "free" of wrong manifestation if we develop inwardly; but in fact the opposite is true.

Freedom does not consist in freedom from our wrong manifestation; it consists in freedom from our lies and illusions about it. One suffers directly one's helplessness; that is freedom.

It takes a very long period of suffering this state—decades or more—before anything else emerges. And the suffering is intentional not because "I" intend it, but because there is an higher intention behind the suffering.

The intention is angelic or heavenly in nature; and this intention is the purging of selfishness, the dissolution of the ego. But that intention can never come from this level; it is categorically impossible. So when we hear the words "intentional suffering," if we think that the intention has much of anything to do with our own intention, we are simply adopting our usual egoistic usurpation of power and applying it to even this most sacred idea.

Meister Eckhart does what is perhaps one of the most thorough and exhaustive jobs of attempting to purge us of the idea that any intention other than God's is sufficient;

yet the belief persists, because we love ourselves so much more than we love God.


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