Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An inward desert, part III

 I suspect, like me, that you ask yourself why you are the way you are.

I usually speak of myself; and yet if I speak of you, I also speak of myself, because we are no different, except for some measure of experiences and varying degrees of inner connection. So today, perhaps I will speak of you, keeping in mind that it is also me I speak of.

Let us think of it as me, speaking to myself. Because I generally dictate in this space, I am actually speaking; so I am just having a little talk with myself, which you are privy to.

You are the way you are because you love yourself too much. You love yourself; but in all the wrong ways. You love all the suitcases you have stuffed inside yourself over the course of your life; you love your opinions, your moods, and your demands. You love everything, in a word; and you say you love God. But in fact, all of this is incorrect. In order to love anything in a real way, you must go away from it, not towards it; because the real world lies within, and only by going inside, in a direction directly away from everything you love, can you find the real love that is born in hearts from the spark of the divine influence.

This means you must stop loving. It seems odd; yet all of the love for the outer is misplaced. To love God and God alone, you must go inside, to discover the spark that animates. That is where God begins; and if you even touch His toenail, already, that is a huge change.

Now, you go within; and where is this God?

God arises through sensation, that is where He is. Anything you think of God with your mind is pointless; it isn't God. You must sense God with the body, sense God with the feelings, and then maybe God can speak. But until then, as long as you conduct a dialogue with God — which is really a monologue, mind you — nothing is happening. And when things begin to happen, they will destroy what you are. You know that already; it is constantly taught. But you forget it all the time, falling back in love with yourself and what you are.

You should know that the mind can stop. Where the mind stops, the desert begins; and the desert is a vast landscape inhabited by God alone. This is such a perfect place; there is no need to think of your own things here, because all things you need are already present. Everything is still; and although it seems strange, because the landscape has none of the objects you expect to see in it, all that is necessary appears effortlessly when it is needed. So there is no need to do anything except stop and be present.


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