Monday, August 18, 2014

An inward desert, part II

 Into this inward desert flows the Lord.

So there is no emptiness here; there is, in this desert, the essence of life itself, and it brings water to the desert in the same way that the rains bring water everywhere; gloriously, in abundance. The inward flow is the source of life itself; and although it is always in me, it is when I sense it that I understand the glory of living, before anything else happens.

My outward this perpetually tries to convince me that it is what is glorious; but all of its glory comes only from the inward flow. The dirt is glorious; the rain is glorious. Every single instance of outwardness is glorious, but all of that glory is infused, informed, created by the inward flow of the divine. It is only when that flow can't be sensed that the outward acquires the flat aspect that I usually assignment, and begins to seem as though it is the motive force of life. But inwardness provides astonishment; and astonishment is a quiet thing that penetrates to the bone.

Into the sacred silence of this inward desert the Lord flows; and wisdom flows with Him. Wisdom, and all the other things that are needed to support life, before the outward aspects of being meet me. In so far as I turn inward, to this open and empty space where the Lord meets me, so I have Being; and that Being begins before outward being. Outward being is, in fact, nothing; of course, it is everything, and a certain sense, relative to my impressions, but it is only a mirror of Being itself. It is a reflection of consciousness; so everything that is encountered is the mirror, not the object. Our impression — my impression — that everything outward is what is real is an inversion. There can be no real thing without the inward.

As you read this, I hope you will ponder the idea that there is nothing more important than coming into relationship with an inner energy. There is no other purpose in life; and a life lived at 100% of everything else is still equal to zero if the inward flow does not open me and I do not form a strong, intimate, and lasting relationship with it. This is the only way that life acquires real meaning, as opposed to the false meanings that are assigned by outer events. All of the real meanings are born within; and all of the real meanings are born within relationship to the Lord, who flows inward in all of His wisdom and grace and love.


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