Saturday, August 23, 2014

An exercise in sensation


...Sometimes when I wish to sense myself or see myself or work, my mind tells me that that is just a technique and that I'm just escaping the real which is the thoughts and problems in the mind. 

How do I handle (reconcile?) this lie?


The key to what you're asking lies within your own sensation of your body... with the mind of your sensation. Not the mind of your thought.

Invest in your sensation directly, simply, openly, and honestly, without any argument.

Try this: put a number of objects in a bag: small, medium size, different types. 

Then reach in with your eyes open, but not looking in the bag, and sense how you select a particular object you are looking for: say, metal nail clippers, this is a good one; with touch. You use touch to see; you see with your sensation. 

This may seem to be useful only in a limited way, but actually its usefulness is universal.

You can learn to see the difference between the mind of sensation—which knows through sensation what is—and the mind of thought and the effects of vision. 

Discriminate carefully and learn to see what sensation is; then let it acquire gravity within you relative to thought.


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