Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Whole cloth

It’s possible to be very firmly seated in the body, so firmly that one sits within each cell. 

One is poured into the cells, so to speak, so that there is no separation between Being and body.

This isn’t a comfortable state, necessarily, because it’s quite unfamiliar and doesn’t correspond to the usual disconnection between body and Being, which is so routine in me. Even the connection between body and mind is not quite the same as this, because this isn’t a connection between body and mind; it is body and mind together as a third entity, a vessel or vehicle, which receives life. 

One can’t speak of body and mind here because the distinction is no longer precisely relevant; and in this particular situation, the only thing that matters is the opening that is created for the feeling parts to function.

This is in fact a space within which feeling finds not only its expression, but its scope of action, its theater. So it is, in a certain sense, a cavity of Being, a pocket that can be filled with feeling.

Feeling is attracted to this space quite naturally, as though it were a creature whose den were nearby; so it slips in comfortably and makes itself at home. Well, not just comfortably; because feeling is what it is, and comfort may or may not be of it—as it is as and it arises—but in any event, the presence of feeling is there, and it finds its accompaniment in sensation quite naturally. 

So everything fits together quite naturally; and although this comfortable and uncomfortable presence of Being corresponds to nature, it is above it, in the sense that it is superior to my own ordinary nature.

So here is another aspect of Being; it inhabits and is at the same time inhabited. The loom of living Being, tantra, weaves a different fabric of life; and it is whole cloth.


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