Sunday, July 20, 2014

On the nature of universal circulation, part III: The living organism of Being

 When I experience my being, because I have an ego which perpetually carries the intention of separating itself, I do not see myself as one with God. God is a separate entity; something outside me which comes to me. This is simplistic conception of spiritual nature as consisting of higher and lower, which has its truth in the overall hierarchy of Being, cannot possibly do justice to the fact that I receive God in the body, that God manifests through the body, and that contact with God is maintained as I feed God through the body.

 In this way, I am one with the body of God. Everything that is is one with the body of God, and my conscious effort to take in impressions are done only on behalf of God, who I am; all of what I perceive is a part of me, flows into me, and through that secret, sacred inner part, which forever praise for the greater glory of God, flows back into God, carrying the energy of the impressions into the source of His Heart and his Heavenly Kingdom.

 I will always have this perception of separation; because I am separated from myself and from God by the cloud of unknowing that begins beyond the veil of material manifestation, and I am separated from myself and from God by the cloud of unknowing that draws a second veil over the inward flow of my impressions back into the heavenly kingdom of God. I stand in the middle, between these two natures; and although I am told that these are two different levels, they are actually one thing: God. The world flows out of God into me; and it flows out of me, back into God. I am simply the part that breathes in and breathes out on behalf of God.

 There are so many further implications to this understanding of the inward flow, and its circulatory nature, that they can hardly be detailed in a series of essays. What is, without any doubt, most importance to come into relationship with this experience, at which point one can know everything that is necessary without having to outline it in any linear fashion, or use words to nail it down so that it can be examined with the logical mind. It is an invitation to enter the living organism of Being; and this, after all, is why I pray, why I live within this sacred universe of creation.


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