Friday, July 18, 2014

On the nature of universal circulation, Part I: the third striving

This morning, I had a particular insight into a question that has occupied me for the better part of 13 years.

As longtime readers may recall, in June 2001, I was shown — inwardly, not through any outside agency — that we are vessels into which the world flows, a subject I have written about on a number of occasions. Since then, I have observed this inward flow and the relationship it has to sensation for some 13 years.

 At the time I had this understanding, my teacher, who is now long dead, agreed with my observation. As she put it, we are receivers. She spent decades bringing me to this organic understanding. There were many other discussions about this; yet I think that for both of us, understanding this was for the time quite enough.

 In my 13 years of observation, which has consisted simply of watching, and suspending judgment, as this energetic process continually flows through Being, I have been constantly impressed and surprised by the organic and integral nature of receiving. As I've said on some occasions, at its finest levels, the granular nature of energy and reality itself can be sensed; that is, one becomes aware of the particulate nature of sensation and impressions. Always, it seems, the material is received from "outside;" and this is indeed in keeping, at least superficially, with our routine idea that God is outside us, and that we are separate and distinct from God.

As such, we are "here" — God is "there" — and we receive the world, that is, we are kunda (pots, or vessels) into which this world flows. We receive it; and our Being grows in relationship to it. Hence Kundabuffer; that which blocks the flow into the vessel.

 Yet there is much more going on here, and it requires a greater understanding of the laws of world creation and world maintenance — the third obligolnian striving— in order to comprehend it.

 When we conceive of mankind as a bridge between levels, we need to begin to understand humanity as a bridge not just from a higher level to a lower one — this is the simplistic and linear version — but as a bridge from God, back into God.

Some time ago, I explained that the cosmological order consists of suns, which are apertures which emanate the Heavenly Being of God into the known universe, and black holes, which take all of the cumulative energy assembled by galaxies in the creative act of solar birth and generation, back into the heavenly Being.  Tremendous amounts of energy are released into the universe through the emanation of suns; and even more material energies are radiated and emanated as the material returns back into heavenly Being at the event horizons of black holes.

 Mankind is a microcosmic reproduction of this system, which will take some considerable amount of time to explain, so we will have to leave it for the next post to continue on the exact nature of the details. 

 All of this needs to be considered in light of the group of essays on the reproductive and sexual nature of material reality, which is directly connected to this flow of energy. The entire system is essentially creative and procreative; and all of it represents the circulation of the word of God, that is, one single thought in the mind of God, which is infinitely adumbrated as it encounters its initial material manifestation.


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