Monday, July 21, 2014

Attention arrives naturally

There is a fineness of interaction that usually escapes me.

I'm interested in it, because it is always available; and it sits at the edge of my perception, awaiting my attention. I can discover it though sensation; and when mind and sensation, which are both always present, come into relationship, attention arrives naturally. I don't try to have attention; attention has me.

Sensation has to provide the motive force for this, because mind is unable. Mind is active under ordinary circumstances, even if its effects have been weakened; and I find it's when the center of gravity shifts into sensation, when the balance is corrected, that things change. Then sensation becomes active and mind becomes passive. This is interesting because sensation is so much more compelling in terms of its ability to receive life; in this case, mind just watches and has much less to say about things. It recognizes sensation's mastery over the art of receiving; and if sensation truly acts of its own volition, mind steps back not only because it resumes its natural place, but also (at least initially) because it has an immediate sense of awe, of inspiration, as it encounters this state.

The word inspiration is entirely accurate, because in this state, I inhale my life through sensation: I begin to function as a tiny particle in the lungs of God, that is, I inhale life through my attention, naturally, and my conscious being absorbs the enlivening material of impressions, enriching the inward flow of the energy as it passes through my body.

Although I am unable to discern the source of this energy as it arrives, and unable as well to discern the exact departure of the energy into equally unknown realms of Being, I am able to participate in the action of the energy within this realm, within the parameters of being as defined by my own experience.

I am here; attention arrives naturally. In this gentle crucible of Being, when the effects of all the emanations of Being itself, all of the results of objects, events, circumstances and conditions manifest and are blended within me, a remarkable infusion arises. Water becomes wine.


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