Thursday, June 5, 2014

when the sun sings

When the sun sings, it goes into the very bones.

 Night is falling, and a turkey is broadcasting his peculiar rattle across the wooded hillside. He does this every night; and it gives the woods a presence far more personal than the shadows that slowly swallow the trees.

 On a day when the sun sings itself into the bones, nothing else really matters. There's only this day, and the things in it; and all of that is enough. One needn't look further than what is taking place now to be satisfied, because what is taking place now is always enough. It is sufficient; which means, it meets the need.

What is the need? 

The need, quite simply, is for Being; and Being finds itself in relationship to the planets and the sun through an organic thread, a connection that is not described in books or taught in classes.  This organic thread is more than a single fiber; in fact, it becomes a whole piece of cloth, because the thread moves back and forth between the warp and the weft of law in a perfect way, separating them at the one moment but yet binding them together in the next. This separation and binding, which come together to form cloth, create a wholeness of Being. The energies of the planets meet in the body and allow, with receptivity and attention, for this whole piece of cloth to be formed, this cloth which is called being and which receives life.

This is a moment when everything should pause quite carefully and take being into itself. Moments like this are not always available, and they must be savored. I must taste them, I think, in a very precise way, which honors their presence and allows me to weave an intricate inner pattern, to finish the edges with careful stitches that gather up all of the things that happen into an appreciation.

This only takes place through grace. It might do well for me to remember that Meister Eckhart says, in sermon 81, 

The work of grace is to make the soul quick and amenable to all divine works, for grace flows from the divine spring and is a likeness of God and tastes of God and makes the soul like God.

This is exactly right, and I do well to remember it indeed. That, and his comments in sermon 82:

Therefore in being alone lies all that is at all. Being is the first name. Whatever is deficient is
a falling away from being. Our whole life ought to be being.

 This taking of a right care from within is only available through grace. The wholeness of being can be known only through God, and God knows us well. It is we who do not know ourselves; but if we make even half an effort, we will discover where God lies, for He is never distant. Indeed, I'm sure that even the Angels are further away than God is, because God stays very close to the soul.


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