Monday, June 30, 2014

To just sense goodness

Back to this question of just sensing goodness.

When I forget myself, I forget Being; and since all goodness lies within and arises from Being, when Being is forgotten, goodness goes with it. 

So to remember the Self is already to remember goodness, although it may not seem like that from within the abstractions of an active mind. The mind is too active, I see; and that takes me away from this essential goodness which lies at the heart of things, that is, where Being rests within me.

I’m back to this issue whereby goodness is of itself and owns itself; I can’t find it or be within it except to the extent that I open to this question, and that is done through body, not the mind. If I just relax and sense the nature of Being, goodness flows in naturally, because it is inherent and naturally seeks every crack and crevice within itself, if an opening is presented. But tensions prevent this; and oh, my, am I ever full of them.

Interestingly, once Being gains a toehold, it can exceed the resistance of tension; but this is unusual and can’t be counted at first; nor perhaps even after many years in inner work. There has to be a fundamental breaking of inner resistance for this to take place; and then I see both the power of Being and the power of my resistance together, whereas usually they are separated. Being has tremendous power, actually; it isn’t this weak, tenuous and ephemeral force which I think is Being, it’s a real power, a noble power that is actually greater than me by many orders. It's my own smallness and inability to Be that causes me to believe Being is weak. I simply can’t take it in.

To sip even some small taste of it, however —a taste which may be ever-present, if I will let it — is to know goodness; and to know goodness is to know one’s wish, not from the perspective of the coarser forces that drive desire, but the finer ones which inspire something more pure.

So perhaps I can just sense goodness, and allow that.


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