Monday, June 2, 2014

The concrete violin

 This "higher" vibration I seek in myself is a vibration of a finer quality.

Only if I bring the centers into relationship can I begin to understand the nature of a finer vibration. This is an organic and physical distinction, not a conceptual one, and I must learn to sense it very precisely through engagement with my inner life.

It's likely that I only sense the taste of the taste of this vibration at many points, but it ought to become global and permanent, that is to say, a finer sensation which can open my inner being to the receptivity of my emotional parts, my higher feeling, ought to be forever present within my life, so that there is always a delicate sensitivity at the front of my being, ready at any moment to receive impressions of the life around me and within me.

There is no doubt that Jeanne de Salzmann wrote some of the most sustained and important things one can write on inner yoga of this kind, and studying The Reality of Being is therefore essential. Adepts and initiates interested in this kind of work probably won't begin to understand anything about it without absorbing and carefully trying to impress within themselves the points she makes in this book.

Nonetheless, the book alone will never do it. One needs to go deep within Being and try to discover an intimate taste of this finer vibration within one's own organic life, within life, not within thought, and see how it acts within the body. This takes a certain kind of loving kindness towards the body, and even then, there is a moment where the finer vibration of sensation, and then the even finer still vibration of feeling, must become active.

These finer vibrations must become active in their own right so that they present themselves without an effort on the part of the thinking mind, which is by itself incapable of invoking them. This is why we make such great efforts to form a strong, loving, compassionate, intelligent, precise, and insightful relationship with the mind of the body, which is so much more capable of beginning the work that is necessary for this kind of connection.

This relationship must be strong because without strength, there is no conviction.

It must be loving, because without love there is always too much force.

It must become compassionate because without patience, no help will come.

It must be intelligent, because bumbling will not do.

It must be precise because the work is delicate; and it must be insightful, because unless I see within myself quite clearly, with a penetrating effort that does not disrupt but rather accepts and perceives, the finer vibration will not find a space cleared for it, and it does not enter when the space is occupied by coarser vibrations of various kinds.

Think of it like a violin. If the violin is empty, it can resonate beautifully as the strings on it vibrate, but if I pour it full of concrete — which is a rough approximation of my ordinary state — it seems very solid, material, and appears to have an enormous presence, but is in fact useless for its best and rightly intended purpose, even though it can do quite well as a doorstop or paperweight.



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  3. but wow, potent papers,!!!!!!!! that u have recently had access to,,,almost the beginning of an adventure story?

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  5. I don't think so! Perhaps my down-under humour doesn't work here...I am indeed curious to hear more about your 'potent papers' Richard....And that is not a joke... I mean didn't u notice the ambiguity in the above comments? 'Yes please' - but yes to what? I am smiling - I hope u are too

  6. Paul, I remain naive. I look at the words and believe them until proven otherwise. I cannot say anything about deSalzmann but you may email me at and perhaps....


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