Saturday, June 14, 2014

Put something good in the world

Shoreline, sunrise: Kitty Hawk, North Carolina, June 7, 2014

I am still in the same morning filled with yesterday's echoes of my father's death. I woke up at 3:30 am and could not get back to sleep; so I found myself on the beach early, with the sun to meet me. A number of poems came to me this morning; although, as I told my wife, there are no great poets; only God, and attentive scribes. 

As minds often wander after a great shock, so does mine; and I found myself contemplating my mother's piano, thinking of Mr. Gurdjieff's collaboration with Thomas de Hartmann, and the glorious music it produced. I know something of how this worked; Mr. Gurdjieff was capable of bringing the energy that made the work possible, but the energy—and the work, and the music itself—never belonged to either one of the men; all were of God. Later, people who don't understand this argued about whether Gurdjieff or de Hartmann wrote and "owned" the music; but no one owns God, although everyone is part of Him.

This is why we are given energy; and if we cultivate it, if we try to open it, it is never for ourselves, but only to put something good into the world. Else, why live? The energy of itself has no use; and to use it just to feel one's own goodness, or to exalt in one's own inner freedom, would be criminal indeed. No, it only comes so that we may have the power to do good; and by this I mean true good, not the accidentally cruel ersatz moralities of mortal men. The use, such as it is, is in relationship.

We do have this power; and if we share it, it is always with love.

 It always brings love, too; for that is its essential property.

Never forget this as you work; as and if it comes, we are given such Grace only to share it for the benefit of others.



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  2. I believe that Mr.Gurdjeiff brought Humanity a completely new teaching, and again as all great ideas do, they change our perspective more than anything else.

    I believe the teachings that Mr. Gurdjeff has brought to us is from a level that required geniuses of their own right, to explicate parts of his teachings which otherwise might have gone untranslatable..

    Through Mr. Ouspensky he outlined the theoretical foundations of his Work.
    With Mr. De Hartman he was able to explicate his Sacred Music.
    With Jeanne de Salzmann he found a dancer, who would transmit his sacred movements.

    With Orage he found a herald and editor.

    Of course there were others named and unnamed, but all were required that without whom this teaching – more precious than gold or pearls or world dominance, would have never seen the light of day. It is now our turn to carry the tiny flame to protect it against the wind and cast the sparks as seed, into the world.

    I deeply apologize for the length of this comment. You are free to delete it. I could only get it this small.


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