Friday, June 6, 2014


My father Nicholas van Laer died peacefully at home of natural causes Friday, June 6, at 1:58 pm, surrounded by family and close friends.

He was well loved and will be remembered.

Nick's most significant lifetime business achievement, a
mong many, was the invention of the iconic, translucent green Palmolive dishwashing liquid marketed in a clear bottle. As a product manager at Colgate, he conceived of, introduced, and developed the product, which has gone on to remain one of
the world's most easily recognized and bestselling dishwashing detergents for over 50 years.

A memorial service is planned for Monday, June 9 at 2 pm at All Saint's Church in Southern Shores. 
As Madame de Salzmann reminds us, There is no death.
God's blessings to my community of readers.

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