Tuesday, June 10, 2014

From within — part II

So there is this much finer energy that comes from within.

 Almost without exception, every energy that we experience in the body, even the ones that feel the very best – with the exception of sexual orgasm — come from a lower order of energy. This is especially true from all the highly valued energies that result from physical exercise of various kinds, including Hatha Yoga. The devotees of these physical practices have, almost without exception, wonderful experiences of a very high level of the lowest levels of energy, that is, coarse energy that is connected to this physical and material plane and is that of the body itself.

Because people are lazy and generally experience a tiny fraction of what the body is capable of on this level, all of those levels appear to be higher ones. But none of them actually are. Finer energy is extraordinarily different than coarse energy, and it penetrates the body in a completely different manner. It ought to become our perpetual birthright to receive this energy at all times as a constant inflow at the atomic and molecular level, which manifests as a sensation within all of the cells, the body, the limbs, and so on. Yet it isn't understood in the least, and so if there is any talk at all about it, at best, it's theoretical.

This very fine energy is a very precise and intimate energy that enters from within, but clearly has its origins in the divine. The sensation of the energy itself carries this information encoded within its manifestation, which is not a thinking property of the energy. The energy, to be exact, exists independent of thinking, yet has everything that one can understand as thought coherent within it; the difference being that it is a different kind of thought, that is, not of the thinking mind.

 So you might ask, what is this energy? It is Being. This leads in many directions, inwardly, and has many essential characteristics which cannot really be described in theoretical terms. But it is the beginning of an inward path that constitutes Being, and this is constituted exclusively through the receiving of this higher energy, and it's permanent, that is to say, regular,  consistent, and tangible manifestation within every moment of ordinary life — not during meditation, or when I am using special concentrations of one kind or another to sense myself. The energy, it must be stressed, is voluntary, which means it comes by itself, not because I call it.

 This last will be difficult for everyone who believes that we will call this or that or do this or that. Nothing could be further from the truth; but the truth, of course, is generally scoffed at. I've done my fair share myself over the years. The truth is that it is only by not doing anything that I can empty myself enough to be made available to this energy. What I said to my wife that lunch is that no one "works": there are some few that prepare, which is possible, but even those numbers are small. What the world, and most spiritual works, are full of is people who have a wish to prepare; that is to say, they have at least come to the minimum deposit in a spiritual account, that is, understanding that there is something missing. It's a long way from this point to a down payment towards what is meaningful.

Tomorrow we will try to cover the question,  what good does it do?



  1. now that is a very good question :) I guess another question would be: 'What does this finer energy (that apparently hardly any physicist knows of) actually do, as energy?' Build up 'souls'.......to do what - obviously not social work....One of the things some spiritually orientated journals often skip over is that kosher sadhus aren't interested in people and their problems at all...(catholic contemplative orders might be the same).That starts to appear with Vivekanda etc, 'the modern hindu puritan renaissance'. Agehananda Bharati writes perceptively on this in his autobiography 'The Ochre robe'. And the gurdjieffian work is for society - altho there fine words about how that finer energy is necessary for the planet....'Discuss' :)
    I remember Pauline de Dampierre once remarking that there was basically nothing left to clean or paint in the NYC house...

    1. errata: 'the g work is NOT for society'


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