Tuesday, June 17, 2014


I've been watching... with alarm... how casually cruel we are. Unconsciously, unthinkingly, automatically cruel.

This kind of thing goes on without a second thought. You can smell it on folk; and there are those who seem to be sincere, but in fact have a thin veneer of attractive decency laid out over a depth of cruelty and bad intention that penetrates to the bone. Such individuals are everywhere; and they are terrible influences, yet we seem to tolerate them as though there were something normal about cruelty, as though it were acceptable and in fact even the price we pay in order to get the lives we have. No one speaks out about it, either; why do we tolerate lies and cruelty? I suppose it's because we are afraid.

Individual bad deeds and disasters are bemoaned; yet I think it is the death of a thousand cuts through small acts of cruelty towards one another that builds the sociopaths. We ought to do better than this, really; and yet who has a really kind word for the next person?

Watch the small actions in life, because betrayal does not begin in foreign lands through the intrigue of double agents; it begins right here at home, in the inner life. If we don't become responsible for ourselves, we become cruel and unfeeling; this kind of behavior needs to be observed careful over a period of many years in order to understand it better.

I can't think of anything more destructive or insidious than the small actions which destroy others. They are wielded so often; and these weapons act on every person, make no mistake about it. These things which do harm to the soul do a far greater harm than any harm which can be done to the body.

 How can I be forthright and not harm in this way? It's a question that ought to be in front of me more specifically, and more often.


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