Friday, June 6, 2014

An intelligent service

"...St. John says, "God is love, and he who dwells in love dwells in God, and God in
him. " Now I say, 'God is love, and he who dwells in love is in God, and He in him.' And when I say, 'God is love,' I do so in order that we may remain with the One."

—Meister Eckhart, The Complete Mystical Works, Sermon 77

This is a fine quote to follow up the last three posts.

 Some ask, who is so bold as to speak of God and how He is; but see how bold and unashamed Meister Eckhart was. We don't need to apologize for speaking about God; for what is said through love and truth does not harm, but brings love and truth, and anyone who opposes it or tries to destroy it is the evildoer. 

Since we must use words to speak of God's mysteries and the unknown, let us use them unashamed and boldly, without fear, instead of making apologies for everything, as has become a habit.

The soul is one with God. It is important to realize this, because to the extent that we open to a finer energy, we open to the soul, and so to God. 

Now, I know some people— intelligent, but in the end foolish people—who undertake inner work and come into contact with all kinds of false spirits that mislead them. 

It's easy for this to happen, because there are many false spirits with agendas that belong to themselves, and not to God, and they have great influence over mankind, as anyone who follows current events can see. (This is exactly why Beelzebub was cast out of heaven in the first place— he wanted to pursue his own agenda, not God's.) These spirits are incredibly beguiling, and all kinds of miraculous things may take place as a result of contact with them. But every one of them causes us to stray off the path. 

Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it. (Matthew 7:14.) Christ reminded us that a great discipline is necessary; this is not a discipline of fantasies and wishful thinking. The energy of the Holy Spirit and the Presence of God have no falseness in them, and are not governed by spirits or principalities. 

The only real reason for inner work is to open the soul to God, and to the extent that one opens to a finer or higher energy, so the Lord answers. This is not a matter of guesswork or opinion; either one becomes open to the Lord, or one doesn't, and one is whole to the extent that the energy unifies Being. Those who know this truth, know it; others just talk.

 Meister Eckhart understood this well, and called us to this unity in which all of us becomes a servant of the Lord. For as long as we do not know to a certainty, within our heart, that we are with the Lord, we do not know the Lord. This is not a matter of belief, for belief is of the mind; and it isn't a matter of faith, because faith, although it is powerful and of the heart, is of the feelings, and each one of them is only a fraction of what is needed in terms of Being within the Lord. 

All three of our parts must be unified in order to open to this higher and better influence; and even then, of course, there is much to be done, because surrender is an ongoing process that only ends with the death of the physical body.



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  2. When choosing to use archaic terms like God, one must be prepared to discuss at length what referent that word signifies. The problem is it can mean varying things to people at different levels of development. A fundamentalist will have an entirely opposite conception than Meister Eckhart.

    Great post.


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