Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Within being alive

 There is a big difference between thinking I am alive and living.

The habit is to be in the part that thinks, and think about life. This part takes me, and I don't remember that life is in the actual living. To be living, to be alive, and to be within being alive, is very different than to think about being alive.

Generally speaking, I don't know the difference. Because I spend all my time in my mind, even the time in which I am vigorously exercising a gross physical connection to the body, I don't understand that this is just thinking about being alive. In order to understand the difference, to be within being alive, I would have to inhabit in an entirely different mind within myself, in an entirely different way. And this isn't really possible, as long as I stay in the ordinary mind.

It's more or less like living in one house, but thinking that I know exactly what it is like to live in the house across the street. In order to understand what my house looks like from across the street, I have to move there; but I don't. After forming a perfect mental picture of the house across the street, and what my house would look like from it, I am done. My ego makes sure that I don't bother to get up, go out the front door, and cross the street to even stand on the front lawn of the other house. I already know what that would look like; why bother?

There are many other ways of putting this — including a number of important religious ones — but let's leave that aspect off the table for today and just talk about living. Living involves aligning with the inward flow of energy, allowing the energy to come. This idea of allowing is essential, because the energy wants to come and needs to come. I simply stand in its way all the time, that's why I don't know much about it.

This question of changing the attitude so that thinking does not dominate is a huge one; yet I just think about it. Aligning with the inward flow of presence is a revolution; and that is living. Until I understand that organically, I just think I am alive.

There is a great power in living that has little to do with thinking that I am alive. Thinking I am alive is distinctly subordinate to that power. But only if the inward flow of presence asserts itself and becomes a reality.



  1. the photo is a detail from a scroll painted by Guo Xu (Ming Dynasty artist) at the Shanghai Museum.


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