Thursday, May 15, 2014

To know God with the Soul

It is not too bold to say that God can come into me.

This has nothing to do with what I am, but rather what God is; and God comes and goes as He pleases. Indeed, my great fault is that I dwell forever, in this life, within what I think will please me; and because of this I know little or nothing of what would please God. Oddly, I don’t understand that of all the things that might please me, God would please me best; for He knows above all what my pleasure ought to be, so much more so that even God’s pain for me turns out to be my pleasure, strange though that may sound.

So when God comes, according to His own pleasure and at His own leisure, it is a surprise to me; at times I don’t even recognize it, even though He, in His grace, makes it obvious.

There is a matter of stepping aside. I need to be quite exactly situated, to one side, as it were, and still; and God comes in then, because I have left Him space. Then the Kingdom of Heaven is within; and there is no other place, for even hell is contained by it, hell being the foundation upon which the Kingdom rests. This too may seem peculiar; but hell is in one sense the price paid, a further mystery it is also difficult to comprehend and penetrate. It may be helpful to understand that God is not all things, but is above all things; and Heaven and hell are things within the body of God, not separated realms. In truth there are no separated realms except we make them, for in God nothing is separated and nothing made; all begins and ends in God without any making. Making, too, is of our world, not of God; He lies above making, too, even though we call Him Maker.

In this truth of non-separation, God comes into me because there is no final difference between myself and God. Meister Eckhart did his best to explain this (and almost got excommunicated for it!); but it is confusing to all of us- and to me, except to the extent that God is in me; and then I know this, because there is no separation in Truth. It is one thing. So within the Kingdom of the Lord Christ, the Lord Buddha, the Kingdom of Mohammed and Krishna, Yahweh and Moses, there is one King and one Savior, not many; and He comes for all humanity alike in Mercy, at all times and in all places.

I can know this; and sometimes I do. Yet it seems so rare to know this except with the mind, which for all its merits and powers is a feeble tool; and we must know with the whole soul, for it alone is the only tool God truly gives through which to know Him. 

We can celebrate God through our works and prayers, but only through the soul can we know Him.


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  1. and this soul has to be built up thru the friction btwn affirming and denying, positive and negative....good and evil,,,,'the two essential forces upon which the entire universe is founded..." (LIROTWIA, p. 170). And unless we possess this 'third world' or soul, or astral/planetary body we are slaves to circumstance.... n'est-ce pas'....


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