Saturday, May 24, 2014

Installed in God

To be taken out of ourselves and installed in God is not hard, since God himself is bound to be working this in us: for it is God's work when man just follows and offers no resistance. He should be passive and let God work.

—Meister Eckhart, the complete mystical works, sermon 73.

 I mentioned this idea of getting out of the way and allowing God to work a few days ago. And this is exactly right; there is no need to "do" God's work for him. If I open myself effortlessly to an inner presence, it effortlessly arrives and the truth flows into the body without impediment. There is no need for me to interfere with this process; it is urgent. This means that it presses into me, it has drive, power.

Above all, this is the quality of the Lord, that there is power in His presence. This power is exercised in many ways, but it begins with the receiving of an energy that changes Being. 

Being is a universal property, a universal quality, which bears little more talking about. But I think I will quote a little bit more of Eckhart this morning, and then get back to it in a few days.

The more a thing is in common, the nobler and more valuable it is. I have life in common with those things that live, in which life is added to being. There are more of them that have being than have life. I have senses in common with the animals. I would rather lose my senses than my life. My being is dearest of all to me, it is the thing I have most in common, and is my most intimate thing. I would rather give up all things that are under God. Being flows without mediation from God, and life flows from being, and therefore I like it best and it is the dearest thing to all creatures. The more universal our life is, the better and nobler it is.

— Sermon 74.

 Think on this, and we will come back to it on May 26.


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