Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Giving the house away

The presence of God is everywhere; and it isn’t inaccessible to us.

People often tell me that not everyone has a sense of the presence of God; that not everyone can. 

But we can move beyond the thinking of it and the theories about it. One must, perforce, move into that intimate place within oneself where a divine spark of the Lord's presence resides. This action is an obligation; and if I don't sense the need for it, I fail to fulfill my duty.

God, you see, wants everything to be very personal with Him, as though He were our best friend and our lover. He wants to move in; not read ads we post to Him about apartments for rent, with descriptions of how lovely each one might be— if we were renting.

God does not want to rent from us; he wants to buy and own. And he is willing to pay with his love and his mercy, if only we are willing to sell.

The difficulty is that no one wants to put the house on the market. Everyone thinks that the house should be their own house, and that it is rather small; there isn't that much room for God in it. Just room for a lot of things. In point of fact, there are so many things to be collected that one couldn't possibly talk about having God move in just now; maybe later, after one is dead, but not just now.

But if I want to have God move in, the whole house must go on the market, and at once. It must, furthermore, be put on the market for free; that is to say, I must be willing to completely give the house away to this joy and this mercy, to this grace.

Because if I am willing to just put the whole thing on the auction block and say, "Here, it is up for sale and you may come and move in, let's be done with it;" then, God comes swiftly with all of His riches. He is willing to pay me for it so generously I cannot imagine it, but only if I stop demanding payment.

And let's be clear about this; God doesn't move in in some abstract or theoretical way. He moves right in, the whole of Him; and there is little room for anything else, because He fills all of the spaces effortlessly and without thinking for a moment about it. He brings all of his angels, as well; and so in fact all at once the entire household is filled with a heavenly kingdom, nothing like the kingdom I thought I would live in when I owned the house by myself.


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