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It follows, then, that our inner earthly self must be regenerated first, and our outer self must then be regenerated through our inner self. This sequence follows the divine design. To regenerate our inner self through our outer self would go contrary to the divine design, because the inner self acts as the soul of the outer self, not only in a general way but in every detail. The inner self is present in everything we say, without our even realizing it...

...the mind of someone who has been regenerated is lifted up to the spiritual level. From up there it sees what is going on in the earthly mind below...

People who have not been regenerated are dreaming; people who have been regenerated are awake. In fact, in the Word our earthly life is compared to a sleep and our spiritual life to wakefulness.

—Emmanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity

 I would like to day to just call attention to the potential to open to the inward flow of divine love.

People live their lives as though there were some purpose other than this in life; but no life can be real or complete unless this inward flow begins. Until then, one is just a machine that goes through the motions. 

The entire purpose of life, from its beginning to its end, is to receive and express divine love in all of its iterations. The reason that the natural world is so magnificent, so intricate, and so astonishing in every facet is because it is a complete expression of divine love. We may call it ten thousand other things; but one cannot undo what it is with words. The inner eye can see it, even if the mind tries to destroy it, and the body takes action against it, and the emotions deny it in fear.

We are here to receive this love; in fact, we ought to be the best expression of it, yet we have degenerated so much that we are become the worst. And only a work that reaches back towards a wholeness of the inner self can repair that damage.

In order for the damage to be repaired, as the love flows into us, it must remain untouched. This is the secret meaning of the Virgin Mary; as the energy of divine love flows into being, my ordinary personality ought not touch it. It should be inviolate, sacred, allowed to work on its own without any interference from me. I need only be present within it and be in relationship with it, passively, in order for it to act in the right way.

To the extent that I receive this love, so it is expressed. And if it is expressed properly, it gradually penetrates into the depths of my being and into the marrow of my bones themselves. I do begin to see what I am; not in the way of the mind, which is the way I have always seen, thinking it was real, but through the heart, which can see so much more accurately and does not make mistakes, if it is under the influence of divine love. To see through the heart becomes a different enterprise; oh, my, how I see all my lowness through this organ.

The whole idea of Christ consciousness is to see through the heart, to open the inner eye. This I sees with all Being, not just through any single organ, esoteric or otherwise; and to the extent that it opens, so I sense the inward flow of love quite directly, and without any mediation.

 Opening the ordinary parts of the heart is not enough. 

A much greater opening is necessary; and only returning again and again to the truth of Being can that opening begin to take place.


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  1. Some time ago I was thinking. I should probably stop there. It's already saying too much (joke).

    But I was pondering over the sex act and how the woman is the receiver and the man is the active giver of the seed into the soil of her womb, but then something struck me with the force of a minor revelation. And that is that during the man's orgasmic spasms, they do not comment FROM him, but they come rather through him, which makes him the passive force, and the creative force from above passes through him, which is what the ecstatic bursts are the result of, and then the woman becomes the reconciling force or even perhaps the active force.

    If you look at the magnetism and bring two magnets together of different poles they will collude, and of opposite poles they will repel. What if in the beginning the man is the active and the woman is the perceptive but at the moment of orgasm the man is the passive and the woman is the active and there is a rapid reversal of poles, within the ejaculation and accompanying it is both the man and the woman exchanging positions within the three forces so quickly that it usually goes unnoticed, like the flickering of pixels in a television screen.

    Since man without quotation marks can be said to be made in the image of his creator, his propensity for wisdom or public speaking or preaching cannot come from him, because he is but a creature, but can only come "through him" from sources beyond his ken. This would be exactly in line with Swedenborg's concepts regarding man and the influx and out flux which can happen through him.

    I read quite a bit of Swedenborg's writings which he published anonymously because he was a metallurgist in charge of the Royal mint, and it would've been disastrous to his career in the outer world if he had started to speak of his angelic conversations. I too, see spiritual creatures of all ilk, but I do not feel capable of having conversations with them. Being quiet and silent in that realm seems to be far more productive.
    My privilege to even be there seems precarious should I break that spelled with gross language. I have found that my Guardian Angels but I cannot speak in theirs.

    Thank you for the rich blessings of your thoughts and musings of the season.


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