Friday, April 25, 2014

To become Spiritualized

 I need to be present to two parts of myself at the same time, and to experience the necessity of a reconciling force between them. 
A new feeling must then appear — a feeling of "I" that is turned toward a greater reality in which I participate and, at the same time, drawn by the world in which I live. 
The call these two worlds requires me to be present, understanding that they cannot exist without each other and that one should be spiritualized by the other. A conscious relation must appear. — 

This question of becoming spiritualized is closely related to the last two posts about the perfections. And indeed, as Swedenborg pointed out, the whole point of life is to become spiritualized.

 To become spiritualized means for the higher influence, the inflow, to flow into ordinary Being and effect a power of transformation. This power is entirely different than all ordinary experience, and so comparing it to ordinary experience or believing that it has something to do with ordinary experience is a grave error. Nonetheless, this is the most common of all errors in the understanding of spiritual matters, because all spiritual matters are routinely degraded to the level of natural or ordinary thinking, at which point they become subjects for speculation or argument. The reason that Gurdjieff called certain forms of understanding and knowledge objective was because they are directly related to this higher level or inflow, and thus not subject to natural or ordinary thinking. Men or women who are under the influence of this higher, or spiritualized, energy may still make errors — error is endemic throughout every level of manifestation short of the absolute — but there is an understanding formed which is quite different than that of ordinary life.

The perfections, or siddhis, as they are described in yoga, are all "powers" related to the spiritualization of the inner parts. Each of these powers ought to form a certain kind of alignment between the ordinary and angelic realms, which allows the inflow function at a more comprehensive level. 

 I think, perhaps, that the dilemma proposed by reading material from Gurdjieff and de Salzmann, as well as their various adjuncts and followers, is that while all of them explained that development is possible, none of them explained in enough detail why it is necessary.

Swedenborg did do this; and it's why a better understanding of the material is formed by reading his commentary on the matter.

As I've said many times, the most important action in order to become spiritualized is to open the heart to this higher energy. One can open the other two primary receiving apparatuses, at the top and the bottom of the spine, and this certainly has an important effect; and ultimately, as all the yoga schools taught, opening all three is essential. This was referred to in ancient times as cutting the granthis, or "psychic knots."  

Yet, if one opens the heart, the other knots must lawfully release their grip — and this is why of the three ways, power (body) , wisdom (mind), and love (feeling), love is the greatest.  So in many senses, to become spiritualized is to come under the influence of love, a point that Jeanne de Salzmann made a number of times in her notes. 

One cannot undertake these spiritual efforts without an understanding that this is what we attempt to develop — a feeling contact through the heart with the center of Being.



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