Thursday, April 17, 2014

The receiving of Divine Love

The reason that Divine Love can be received in the body and sensed in the body is because it is a material thing.

 This is not an idea; it is a physical fact. But only the opening through sensation can eventually bring this home to an individual, because our understanding of everything is formed through the intellect, and not through Being.

 Because Divine Love penetrates everything, everywhere, its movement is never limited, and its arising can take place anywhere, in any part of the body, or any object, at any moment. In point of fact, it is not the arising of Divine Love that is lacking— it already exists everywhere, and always —, but the perception of it. As I have said before, God can come into your little finger; or he could just as easily come into your nose, or one eye. God, in the form of His grace, His mercy, and His Divine Love, goes anywhere He pleases, and at any time— woe to those who only look for Him where they expect to see Him! Only our suspicions and distrust keep us from living this experience; it is our earthly doubt that corrupts us.

In a certain sense, when Gurdjieff entitled Beelzebub's Tales "All and Everything," what he actually meant was Divine Love. Because, ultimately, the entire book is about opening to the receiving of Divine Love. When we speak of the sense and aim of one's existence, there can be no real sense and there can be no real aim that excludes this fundamental and essential principle.

There is no limitation to Divine Love; and no element of creation is worthy of it. One of the essential realizations that conscious Being comes to, to the degree that it attains any form of real ('three-brained') consciousness, is that no created thing is worthy of the love that has created it in the first place. Meister Eckhart goes to great lengths to try and explain this in many different ways in his sermons; creatures — the word he uses for all created things, be they animals, human beings, or "mere" solid objects — all come, to the extent that they become perfect in God, to the awareness of their own unworthiness and the vast distance between truly Divine Love and their own Being.  In some senses, his solution for this problem is the dissolving of all of the created back into the creator, a concept which shares many aspects with Buddhist principles. Yet here I touch on theoretical matters that are not as important as the subject at hand, which is the practical matter of becoming open to Divine Love.

 One of the greatest mysteries of God, which can only be appreciated through direct experience, is the fact that Divine Love blends selflessly and in unfettered generosity with Being, despite the fact that Being has no objective worthiness. This is, in many ways, the greatest measure of Divine Love, for it loves even though no love is deserved, and it loves even though no love is returned. When we hear the words, for example, God so loved the world that he gave his only begotten son, etc., they just sound like words — but if they begin to act in our feelings and we understand these words, it is a devastating experience. Devastating in the sense of creative, of course, although I cannot quite explain this in an essay or, perhaps, ever.

So all of these efforts, these yogic and Tantric practices, these efforts to remember the self, the positions, the movements, everything — all of it is an effort to open to the energy of Divine Love, to open the organs of perception so that we can see how absolutely we dwell within this material truth. If we understand this and our life begins here, everything else will flow naturally from it in exactly the right way. Meister Eckhart, of course, explains this in his sermons as well; but the explanations seem arcane unless we have the experience of the inward flow, and it begins to act within us.

  In one way or another, every human being serves as a vehicle for the energy of the angelic realms, and not all of these energies are positive ones. So great care needs to be taken. Not every angel can be trusted; and this is exactly why Gurdjieff populated his book with angels who were fallen, and angels who failed.

Some may think that Divine Love is bliss; but I say that it is suffering.  But this is the best, the most wonderful suffering you will ever do; and you will never regret such suffering, but only ask for more of it.

Think on this.


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