Saturday, April 19, 2014

The DNA of Heaven

...thought and will could not exist unless there was a similar action and cooperation between life as it inflows and the spiritual organic structure underlying our brain. Life flows from the Lord into that organic structure. Because the organic structure cooperates, it perceives what it is thinking.

The spiritual organic structure consists of long strands in helixes.

Emmanuel Swedenborg, True Christianity, 1771

 People think of natural structures as being material and different, or other, than God. The idea that everything that arises as a manifestation of divine Being, and that the material world exists solely because of divine Thought, appears to be an abstraction to us. We don't understand that, as Gurdjieff pointed out, everything is material – and in this sense, even the spiritual is material. Swedenborg, an accomplished anatomist and one of the very first to appreciate the extraordinarily sublime functions of human neurological structure, emphasized this so often that I am sometimes tempted to believe that Gurdjieff borrowed this idea from him.

200 years before biology recognized that DNA was structured in helixes, Swedenborg seemingly already knew it and wrote about it. His sources of divine inspiration put him hundreds of years ahead of his contemporaries, leaving him to write about things we still don’t understand properly today; but we can see, from the quote this piece opens with, that he intuited the structure of DNA, long before anyone fully understood the nature of atoms and molecules which, in its modern Western form, had its origins with John Dalton in the very early 19th century.

Readers who are interested in the process of cellular operation can refer to this diagram from an article in the April 2014 issue of Scientific American. It very briefly describes the process of RNA replication in cells. Anyone who studies this carefully, and understands how enormously complex this process is, will immediately see that the idea that it could take place without an innate form of intelligence directing it is absurd. In its own way, the RNA molecule is actually more intelligent than we are — if you put a team of hundreds of scientists in charge of the operation of a single human cell, their collective efforts with all of the computers on the planet would be unable to properly order the process and orchestrate it in real time, and with good results.  Yet this tiny little molecule does all of this work; and in fact it even does a lot more than we currently think it does. It has always worked the same way; DNA and RNA were producing physical structures either identical or even more sophisticated than modern ones even 520 million years ago

Why is that?

In other words, we can see the ideas— and make no mistake about it, they are idea, or thoughts, about structure— that are encoded in genetic material are timeless and unchanging. DNA itself is so highly evolved that the appearance of life so very early in the fossil record raises the question of whether a molecule this complicated and sophisticated could possibly have evolved during the relatively brief span after earth's initial formation.

 According to Swedenborg's understanding, we would have to say that the reason DNA and RNA function at all is because they form the spiritual organic structure underlying our brain. In this view, the process of biology, which appears to be earthly, is in fact heavenly — as are all processes. But the innate intelligence of the divine inflow finds a much more refined and subtle expression in DNA than it does in inorganic structures. This is the point at which the influence of the angelic realms enters into the material; and this is why life is life.

 Because the inward flow depends on organic structures to receive its influences, it’s only natural that the sensation of divine influence begins at the cellular level, and, in fact, even beneath the level of the cells themselves. 

The roots of sensation of divine influence extend all the way down into the molecular level, and under the right conditions, and with the right kind of energies active in Being, can be sensed down to that level. This is an unusual thing, and almost never written about in spiritual literature, since so few people experience it, and even less of them understand it. 

We can, however, be quite certain that Jeanne de Salzmann understood a great deal of it, otherwise she would not have put the great emphasis she did on sensation in her teaching.

More on this tomorrow. 



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