Wednesday, April 16, 2014

The angelic realms and Divine Love

Time...Is the only phenomenon that has no source of its arising but, like "divine love", always flows independently and blends proportionately with all the phenomena present in all the arisings in any given place in our great universe.

Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson, G. I. Gurdjieff, from chapter 16,  The Relativity of the Concept of Time.

In the previous post, we examined the  essence – question, am I not loving enough?

 Perhaps we don't see clearly that the only real aim in any conscious being must be to align oneself with Divine Love. All things arise from divine love except time; and every material manifestation in the universe contains its appropriate portion of Divine Love. Alignment with Divine Love is what aligns Being with the Good.  Every other esoteric or inner work that an individual undertakes is subordinate to the principle of alignment with this Love.

Divine Love can be received directly within Being through the inward flow. All of the work that Gurdjieff laid down, and which began to find its first maturity and fruition in Jeanne de Salzmann, was aimed at opening man to the higher energies which can receive Divine Love and align his Being with it.  So it seems worthy to make some remarks on the matter.

Divine Love is received in the center of the body. This location is usually referred to as the heart; but it is actually an infinitely small point within the middle of the spine. The spine also contains locations at the top and the bottom of the spine which can receive divine love in varying proportions; and of course divine love can flow inward through the top of the head. But it isn't generally understood that the inwardly-forming-source of Love, the center of its existence and manifestation in mankind, takes place in the center of the body, in the heart.

This is not actually a physical location, although it will be sensed as such a location because of the inherent limitations in one's psyche and body. But the center of the spine, the heart, actually opens into the angelic realms, and if there is conversation with the angelic realms, it will take place here. I say that the point is infinitely small, but it opens into the void.

Mankind was designed to receive this kind of information, but we're blocked. Only through the development of a comprehensive sensation, and then an understanding of the way that it feeds inner Being, will open the feelings in such a way to allow the inflow to proceed in a natural manner. The unfortunate fact is that most exercises and practices attempt to force this process, whereas, if it is to proceed correctly, it can only proceed in a natural manner, that is to say, without any interference whatsoever. In point of fact, because divine love operates in an absolutely natural manner, it is above manipulation.

We all ought to be aiming our work at a much deeper understanding of this principle, because all of the other answers that we seek in our life and our work center around this realignment of relationship with God, who is the supreme source of the emanation of all divine love. There can be no error if alignment with this force is active.

Divine Love manifests differently for different individuals, because all of the angelic realms represent different aspects of it. There are Beings that are closer to God; and Beings that are further away. This is why both Dante and Swedenborg described  the arrangement of angelic forces in heaven as circles within circles, moving ever closer to God. Alignment with divine love determines proximity to God.

These sound like theoretical matters, but human beings were designed to be able to receive this material and align with it. All of consciousness serves this purpose in one way or another. Because of the enormous power of divine love, it trumps every other spiritual effort. If an individual can open once to divine love, and allow the inflow to begin, it instantly causes all of the magnetic particles within Being to realign and point themselves towards God. This is actually the moment of arrival of "the big energy" that Mme. de Salzmann described to Ravi Ravindra in Heart Without Measure. Gurdjieff reportedly referred to it in far more arcane terms when he was speaking with Ouspensky, calling it the large accumulator. (Personally, I object to this kind of terminology, because it makes everything sound like we are dealing with crankcases and steam engines instead of love.)

So our efforts have to be turned towards understanding the connection with the body much more deeply, while at the same time understanding that the aim is to serve the good, and to serve divine love. With the taste of this in our mouths, and our eyes set on this goal, our work will always have a solid guide to it.


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