Friday, April 18, 2014

Coming under influences

This question of coming under influences is an important one. Many years ago, my teacher Betty Brown explained to me that everyone has to come under one set of influences or another; it is impossible to escape. The question is whether one comes under accidental or intentional influences; and we can understand this by seeing that intentional influences are those that help influence inner Being in a positive way, that is, they are related to the inward flow and they help Being to deepen itself.

Outer influences are relentless and often destructive. They don't have much direction. An inward influence, an intension, is quite the opposite, and for the most part, inward influences touch and come into relationship with higher influences in the solar system which are mediated, in the case of earth, either through the moon or through the sun. A human being that comes into relationship with this set of influences, of course, ends up being an intermediary between the two, but inevitably, the solar influence is the more powerful of the two, since that influence flows downward through humanity into the lunar influence. All of the influences, in point of fact, in our solar system are derived from the divine inflow of the sun, which gives birth to everything that takes place energetically in this particular solar system.

Much of this is theoretical and of little use in understanding the direct physical and organic influences that reflect these powers. The only way to do that is to become invested in them, and to see that they do not consist of psychological or intellectual states or questions. In point of fact, they don't consist of anything familiar; yet they carry an absolute vibration of life within them that can be participated in.

 Developing a better connection with sensation is the fundamental step in moving in the direction of solar and planetary influences. I must stress, these influences don't have any magical astrological effect on the events that will take place in a life; but they do have an enormous influence on the inner relationship that a human being has with themselves and with the divine spark of attention that ought to grow within them.

That, in fact, does have "astrological"— which means, according to the laws of the planets— effects, but those effects are effects of attitude, and don't exactly work on the way in which objects, events, circumstances, and conditions are arranged and interact with each other — which is an external affair and ordered quite differently than inner matters.  Matters of scale apply here; the way that influences affect the inner development of individuals and the way that they direct the activity of societies are two different things. An individual has an opportunity to change in a way that a mob cannot.


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  1. that's a v. interesting point ...individuals v. eastern traditions such as hinduism or buddhism there are no real individuals...this is where christianity differs...and of course G. was a christian, however twisted


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