Wednesday, April 9, 2014


I spend a great deal of time in my life contemplating how things are from the inner, and organic, point of view.

From the inner point of view, there is the certainty of life; and nothing more. Life is; there can be no doubt of this, as I am. Yet this is the only thing — perhaps — that seems certain. And even life is lived one step removed, without an inner relationship.

Yet there is a certainty, and that certainty is the love of God. It removes all doubt and is sufficient unto all things. Yet this is never just an idea; for as long as it's an idea, I don't understand it, I just think about it. What is far more interesting is the actual, immediate presence of this certainty, which penetrates all matter and all Being.

 Perhaps the reader thinks I speak hypothetically; but this is not the case. Perfections are their own argument; and everything is perfect within the love of the Lord. If we don't see this, it is not because the love is insufficient, but rather because we lack the capacity. Even that lack is willed through love; and, as I've thought to myself many times, perhaps that's because love, if we experienced all of it at once, would burn us into nothingness.

As one breathes the air of love into oneself, and feels the energy of love within each cell, one knows that nothing can surpass this. To call this Presence into each thing, and to call this presence at all times — not issuing a call that presumes the Presence can be demanded, but issuing a call to it like a lover, a friend — like a call to one's mother or one's father — this is a task to undertake. I become reciprocal to the extent that I reciprocate.

I'm not needed; God's love has no need of me whatsoever, yet it comes and is here. What does that tell me? It doesn't come according to conditions, the way everything is in me — I am nothing but conditions. It comes outside of conditions, and without regard for conditions. This is the way love is.  Being roots itself in the ground of love; it is the earth and the soil which feeds and nourishes Being. Only bring the water of the spirit to it, and Being will grow.

Being, which grounds itself in love, ought to grow into love, because that which grows from the soil contributes to the soil and helps to build it. So the idea of Being as a growth ever deeper into love is a sound one. Yet it shouldn't remain an idea. It ought to be a living experience.

There are energies that feed this growth which we know nothing about. We can receive them; but we shouldn't touch them.

They know their way about this place within.


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