Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Natural and spiritual influences

In examining the difference between natural and spiritual influences, and the question of the three centers, there's a fairly simple way to understand the nature of transformation of the ordinary and its relationship to the spiritual, and to consciousness.

On this level, our three centers — moving, emotional, and thinking — are driven by forces from this level, roughly stated as urges, desires, and knowledge. These three forces, as those who have read my book The Universal Enneagram will know, relate to the more universal principles of materiality, desire, and power.

However, this question of urges, desires, and knowledge is a bit more immediate. Our material existence causes us to have urges, and this is exactly what the body has: the urge to eat, the urge to stimulate itself, the urge to engage in exercise, etc. All these urges are mechanical and we share them with animals. They are strictly physical functions. Sexuality actually falls into the same general realm; in its ordinary condition, it's an urge. Urges rule us unless we rule them; but as anyone who has struggled with addiction knows, a different kind of force is necessary in order to rule urge.

 Desires are equally mechanical; they don't have any conscious thought behind them and are influenced strictly by the interest in gratifying urges.  Urge and desire conspire together to direct affairs; but this is done, in an inner sense, as though with a series of levers connected to the outside. The outside has all the leverage; and it is what moves these particular forces within human beings. I say particular, because the forces manifest within the particles — atoms and molecules — of the human body, that is, they are physical, and their action is physical.

Knowledge, the most sophisticated of the three mechanical forces, appears to know what it is doing, and there are vast quantities of it available for collection. Having enough of it does give one power, hence the connection between the two concepts. The power that it gives one over the forces of urgent desire are, however, illusory, because it is still under a natural influence, not a conscious one.

 I've created a diagram for those who are interested in seeing a picture of such things.

 In any event, if a conscious force enters, and the three centers are bound together in a more unified and harmonious action, the three forces that act on the natural, or material, level are each of them transformed through conscious action into forces of a quite different nature, which nonetheless have their exact mirror in the natural.

Urges are transformed into sensation, that is, conscious awareness of the body.

Desires are transformed into wishes, that is, conscious awareness of aim.

Knowledge is transformed into understanding, that is, conscious relationship with the material world.

Readers will notice that there is a hierarchy to this which begins with sensation.

These descriptions are, of course, approximate, but they may be of use to those who wish to more specifically study the relationship between our spiritual Being and our natural being.



  1. the bottom line is that we need to build an astral body,,,for mme de salzmann...lets talk about that one day...and how it is necessary to receive the 'finer energy'....let's get astral...and why would we want an astral body? does it make the world a better place?

  2. Getting confused about astral bodies and so on won't help our inner work. Attending to inner being will. The word astral is loaded with baggage and ought IMO to be completely discarded in favor of planetary, that is, a body connected at the planetary level.

    As it happens, the answer to your question about making the world a better place is, yes, as long as the development of higher bodies corresponds to an accompanying understanding... which is not always the case.

    As to the finer energy Mme. speaks of, I recommend a deep and extensive reading of Eckhart. Insights on this question become, perhaps, more available when filtered through his words.

  3. I don't claim to be 'confused' about astral is a term mme uses...I thank you for the Echart recommendation - but a deep and extensive reading of Echart is hardly likely...

  4. Thank you very much for this new diagram. I am glad also that you place the second conscious shock at 6, This is the shock of sorrow in compassion for the human condition, but it also serves as a Legominism which describes the degeneration of mankind. I will explain it using the solfege:

    The 9 at the top is taken as Do, so that 1 becomes Re and 2 becomes Mi. Now we are missing a semitone so that 3 is given as the shock of Air which influences the digestion of ordinary food, but if we learn to breathe intentionally without altering it in any way, 3 can form a conscious shock, as you have termed it, and bring a higher understanding to Fa, which you have labeled 'thinking center/knowledge'.

    But in ordinary man, the shock at 3 sounds as another Do, which then turns Fa into Re, and Sol into Mi, which is now stopped by a lack of this semitone, and thus requires 6 to represent a second shock.
    To the mass of men who do not understand this and who have not been touched by the Work, ALL the vertices of the triangle 3, 6, and the next 9 are mistaken as Do, which causes what ancient music theory called "The Modes of Descending Brightness" and as man degenerates spiritually, like a see-saw, his technology becomes more refined and more and more knowledge flees men, leaving them to simply run down and further away from the Light, Heat and Information that is the Theomertmalogos and The Lord."


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