Saturday, March 29, 2014

Humility, part 2

Anhui, China
Photograph by the author

I said before that alone and without God, all we can conceive of is our own greatness.

Truly, without God in us, we don’t have any humility; for true humility comes only through the Presence of God, and that comes only through the actual inward dwelling of God’s Presence as it contacts our soul.

As the heart opens towards God, so humility is born; it is the child of Grace within us. And it’s a relief; there is no greater gift than to lose our own greatness, which is an immense falseness we labor under, blindly.

This isn’t a movement upwards into heaven; it is of the earth and low places. The very word humility means to be of the earth, to be of what is low; and insofar as we obey the attraction of the earth- the attraction of humility- in this measure we are rewarded by God, who is drawn through His love to what is low.

There is no doubt that everything in us is of us; the idea of our inner work is imaginary; even the idea of God is imaginary. But there can be an indwelling. The innermost part of the soul is like a flower which opens to a receptiveness of God’s Grace; and this so far surpasses imagination that no sweetness can compare to it. When this indwelling occurs, we know the touch of the Lord in every moment; and we attend accordingly, for no one who is touched by the Lord has any wish other than to be with that touch.  Eternity is there in that touch; it is of Love, which lies outside of time.

That touch is so sweet that we pray not for more of it, but for the least of it; because no man or woman who knows this sweetness dare ask for more than just a little bit of it; we are incapable of taking more. On some rare occasions the Lord may open us to take a greater part of His Love in than we are able to bear; but this isn’t to be wished for, really. To even stand on the edge of it is to be overwhelmed with awe. No man who knows his way treads so lightly or evenly into God’s arms. Grace is given in small measures for a reason.

Let this Presence of the Lord flow into us daily, and insofar as we are raised up and lifted high, to that extent precisely are we lowered, gently lowered, into that humility which prepares us for Glory; which lies at every lowest point, even though the viewpoint there is as if from the highest mountains. That is because there is no space there; only closeness to the Lord, from which point all things are seen as if equal.

I know I speak here of mysteries that seem arcane; but they are not, rather, they are quite normal and ought to routinely be of this life we are in; yet they aren’t. But I assure you they are real, and stand as a natural consequence of Grace.

So seek with great faith.


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