Wednesday, February 19, 2014

One single finger

Perhaps I have said before that God can be in the little finger; I don't remember. But in any event, today, I shall speak about this.

God is everywhere, and cannot be removed from anything, because His Presence is eternal and ubiquitous. If anything is removed, it is only because we remove ourselves, an action frequently called ego, although it is just as right to call it selfishness. In any event, there is no need to assign God or His Presence a specific location, because His manifestation is inevitable and eternal.

The body is a vessel meant to receive this truth, and the truth can be received in any part. To receive this truth in a single part is the same as receiving the truth in all parts, because all parts are whole and contain this single truth within them, even though there appear to be divisions and distinctions, and we rank them according to importance and classification.

In this way, when God brings His Presence to us, His Presence may be as much in our little finger as anywhere. In fact, it's best when His Presence is only in our little finger, because then He gently reminds us of His Being. His Presence is so great and mysterious and, in fact, intolerable to us as we are that to have any more of Him in us than in our little finger alone would be far too much. When He chooses to bless us with a greater level of His Presence, we are overwhelmed. In ancient times this was called a religious ecstasy; but it is rare today. One cannot say why; perhaps the Lord has grown more prudent as He sees mankind's inability; I don't know.

The Lord can be with us every day in any part of the soul. His Graces are sent according to His own will, not mine, and always as a reminder — for there is no other reason God might visit us. This reminder in the little finger, or a toe, or perhaps even some small place in the center of the body, is already enough so that one can actually remember oneself for a moment — and then one knows one's place.

Eckhart speaks thus:

Because of the close union that the soul has with the body, the soul is in the least member as perfect as in the entire body...  It is a question difficult to answer, how the soul can endure it without perishing when God presses her into Himself. ( The Complete Mystical Works, page 157)


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