Thursday, February 13, 2014

Ice Cream

Yesterday, I said that we lack a physical, substantial, and essential connection to the energy which inwardly forms an understanding of sensation.

This is an important point, because without this connection we always and forever lack the impetus, the force of movement created by what is called wish in inner work. If my connection to a higher energy is frustrated or in any way not present, there is no real wish; for the wish for God does not come from the taste of other things.

One has to taste God in order to wish for God.

No one who has never eaten ice cream can wish and yearn and long for the taste of ice cream; it's unknown. Yet if one tastes ice cream one may develop an insatiable craving for it.

God is something like ice cream, but not much. One may taste ice cream and yet still not develop a craving for it; but this is never the case with God. To a certainty, the man or woman who tastes the divine will forever crave God; and the inward flow of energy is like that. It is a taste of truth—perhaps just an intimation of it—but already it creates a wish that cannot be conquered by the ordinary things of the world.

This may all seem very frustrating. How the heck does one find such a thing? Readers have asked me this; I fully sympathize. For most of us, it is often so: I can't "locate" my wish; I don't seem to be able to find the motivation to "keep my inner work going," to find the energy to stay interested in inner work, and I forget all about it a lot of the time. This probably sounds familiar and is a common observation among those who make inner efforts.

What one doesn't perhaps understand is that this is entirely natural, and even inevitable, when there is no support of a finer energy. Only the finer energy which flows into Being at this radical, sacred point I am describing can help an individual to form what's called real wish. All wish that arises outside of this influence is a temporal, or temporary, wish and it is (as we know) a weak and basically helpless entity.

One might suppose we would already understand this: after all, everything that is formed from the temporal end of being, from what Gurdjieff often called false personality and what is otherwise referred to as ego, is inherently of this level and can have no effect on this level. This brings us to a cardinal rule:

Only that which is not of this level can assist in raising the inner state of Being from this level. Inertia is born of this level; impetus, which is an entirely different entity, must come from a higher level.

That which is not of this level can only arrive through the inner flow of a higher energy which we open to; and so the contact—which can only be cultivated through an intimate relationship with a finer vibration of sensation—must be sought inwardly, in the deepest recesses of the soul.

Only that deepest recess where the soul touches God is the place where an energy that can help us flows in.

Seek there.


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