Tuesday, February 4, 2014


The world has great depth, but it is only created within.

There is no depth in what lies outside unless it acquires inner dimension, and this is only added by conscious Presence. Such Presence is never my presence, but only that Presence of The Lord which grows in silence.

When I recall my life from within this depth, I see that it is only those I love who have value. Things and their actions are insubstantial; but I've been gifted through Grace with a series of relationships, every one of which offers the opportunity for love.

Christ told us to love our enemies; and we can love all people, even those most hateful and broken, according to the Grace that is given. That Love is in whole accord with The Lord, who is present in all things.

So I see how my life grows; and I see how it grows only within the Grace of The Lord, the Mercy of The Lord, and the depth of The Lord. For there is no other life than through such things; the rest is untrue. 

And if I live in untruth it is by my own mind and my own hand alone, because The Lord never leads me there, and never leaves me there.

Oh, how I would pray if I understood prayer—and oh, how I would worship!

But so often it is not in me.



  1. The ambiguity of the 'enemies' we are to love is worth pondering I feel.

  2. There is a little story told of a woman who asked Mr.Gurdjieff if he knew of any special prayers of the work and was told:

    "Thank you dear Lord, for another day in which to work on myself"


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