Thursday, January 30, 2014

Of one substance

Additional notes, January 30.

The impression today is one of substance.

There is the possibility of allowing Grace to flow inwards such that substance is expressed. This isn't my substance: yet life is lived through it, and life is only real to the extent that this substance is expressed.

So the expression of life is effected through the receiving of this substantial emanation of the Lord; and to the extent that I submit, and receive, to that extent alone is life expressed and is Grace expressed.

So I have this wish, this deepest inner wish, to be available to this inflow of the divine, which is substantial, and to thus allow the creation of life itself through this substance. In this way I discover that all of life is actually substantial, and that all substantial things are emanated by the Presence of the Lord and the inward flow of that Presence into Being.

The word substance is quite appropriate here, because the original meaning is derived from the latin substantia, meaning being, or essence, and is related to the root word substant- that is, standing firm. 

So I must think, with all of my parts, clearly and exactly of substance and all of its meaning here within being.

I sense organically that this standing firm within the Lord consists of inhabiting this state of essence, or Being, which consists solely and entirely of the emanations of the Lord's Grace, from which all matter, essence, and Being is formed. This is the ground from which I wish to (and can) live today; this is the essence of life, which I so often abandon in my mistaken identification with the material.

If I proceed at once from within this radical element of Being, without hesitation, and I accept at once and without hesitation the arrival of this Grace, then there is a possibility of a quite different experience of life.


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