Friday, January 31, 2014

Of one Substance, II

I'd like to refer back to the post of Jan. 30.

The remarks here are, in my experience, quite important, because they flow from a real and immediate contact with this life, not a theory about what this life consists of.

Inwardly formed impressions of substance, if they are real, do not attach to theories; nor do theories attach to them. It is possible both to know and to understand; and if there is anything short of knowing and understanding, then there is no knowing and understanding. To fall one percent short of the mark is to fall one hundred percent short; and thus one percent is the same as a hundred percent, both within understanding and within not understanding.

Knowing and understanding are irrevocable and flow directly from Grace. So within Grace, Grace is known and understood, and the Lord is known and understood. This lies beyond the realm of the intellect, but manifests within the realm of intelligence, which is a different and more active place. I must know it better and more clearly.

This understanding in no way relieves or alleviates the conundrums of life, but it invests them, that is, they are clothed. And what they are clothed in is this understanding, which is the best and most efficacious cloak of all, for it covers and shields one's essence from falsehoods. This means that I suffer more; but I also suffer more gladly.

Essence cannot find anything but truth within the full expression of the faith; and the full expression of the faith is not in the faith itself, but this truth of it, and the understanding of it—in other words, faith matures on the vines of being and becomes the fruit that is so often spoken of in the bible.

So I reach a moment in which there is no argument. I don't need to ask the question Lord, where are you, because the Lord is Present. And although I am within this life and as equally confused, bereft (in my ordinary ways) and lost as always, I am discovered within the Lord. So this inhabitation of Being, this Presence, becomes truth in its own right and does not need to negotiate in the manner all of my intellect insists on doing.

Perhaps it might be good to say that this one substance is un-negotiated; I don't know. Certainly it is not brokered; and its origins cannot be mistaken, because it is, in its entirety, the immediate expression of the truth, which needs no agent.


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