Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Not this and the inward flow

In examining the question of not this, the question of an inward energy cannot be ignored.

One of the principal distinctions in the teachings of Jeanne de Salzmann is her overarching emphasis on the receiving of an energy.

All action within Being must, without exception, come into relationship with this energy. The energy, which comes from a higher level than man, penetrates everything in the universe. It's actually related to the Higgs field—which scientists are currently very excited about, without at all understanding why they ought to be excited. This energy is the energy that imparts mass to the universe; that is, it is what makes the manifestation of The Reality possible.

I plan to go into this in more detail in a future series of essays, but the point is that there can be no manifestation whatsoever without a relationship with this energy. There is indeed a higher energy, and we can definitely become open to it. It isn't a weak force; opening is not a temporary or ephemeral phenomenon. A true opening to the energy, the inward flow, is unassailable, because it is Divinely sent and cannot be overcome in any way by ordinary matters or events.

Since all human beings are agents, anyone who mistakes the receiving of this force as something that belongs to them is deeply misled. The more deeply the inward flow, the influence, arrives, the more specifically one sees that life is divided into two rivers which must both be participated in simultaneously. 

One of the rivers regards outward manifestation, in which sense human beings are always and only agents, no matter how profoundly they may believe in their own agency — agency is conferred, and human beings are only stewards. 

The second river regards inward manifestation, in which a completely different set of demands are placed on an individual. These demands can't be mixed with the outer world directly, because they involve a series of exchanges between the individual manifestation and a higher power. In a certain sense they don't even involve the outer world, although the responsibility to the outer world is absolutely necessary, and ends up consisting of a significant part of the measurement of Being.

 Before anything else happens in us, we need to understand that there are two natures, and it must be understood organically, not with the parts that are being used to read this essay. The two natures need to be seen clearly, sensed organically, and the discrimination needs to take place in which their separation is acknowledged.

It might be possible to engage in a series of complicated questions about who is doing this, and so on, but that hardly matters. It's best to just invest in manifestation, to inhabit the conditions, without an intellectual attitude or elaborate philosophies. Not this allows us to abandon such things and move forward into the manifestation itself, rather than the thinking about it. It's only within the manifestation that we discover our relationship to the inner and outer natures, and it's only within the manifestation that the true opening to the influence of the higher energy begins.


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