Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Higher Energy

Working with the yoga class I mentioned yesterday, I repeatedly brought up the idea of a higher energy.

While all of these earnest young people were assiduously learning the asanas, chatting about chakras and opening the heart, none of them really seemed to yet have a serious impression of the idea that a truly higher energy can inwardly form a new body within them.

They were stilled by the idea.

Make no mistake about it. This energy is the energy of Love; and it is a real energy, a substantial energy, a material energy that enters the body from a higher level. It isn't the idea of love or the thought of love; it isn't the emotional experience of love as we know it.

Love, in its highest form, is an emanation — the outflow of the divine influence into this universe. As it flows outward from the divine, it becomes the influence that creates this universe and creates us; and we are equipped to sense that, if we only knew it.

The stillness within Being that can receive the Divine emanation of Love exists independent, in a certain sense, from our ordinary self, because it belongs to a higher Self that is not on this level. There are times, within ordinary manifestation, that it becomes possible to experience both of these levels at the same time, and this is what it means to stand between two levels. Then we see that we are inexorably driven to manifest according to our own ordinary being, and cannot escape the consequences of our ego; but at the same time, a different part of us is subject to the Divine influence of Love, which is objective, and untouchable relative to our ordinary being.

The contrast between these two contradictory impulses, natures, and forces is what can help to give rise to the experience of remorse of conscience. Remorse of conscience is a moment where Being — that indescribable conscious property of active sense of Self — sees the contradiction and understands its own inability, along with a direct and immediate experience of the influence of Divine Love.

 The contradiction arises because of the absolutely and irrevocably objective nature of Love, which is uncompromising, unconditional, and universal — related, in direct manner, to the properties of being, grace and mercy — and the absolutely and irrevocably subjective nature of our ordinary self, which is only interested in its own welfare.

The divine emanation of Love can be sensed within the heart of Being. We are created in order to open our natures to this inflow of truth. It is, in fact, possible to open oneself so that one dwells within this nature. Coming to this possibility cannot be done quickly; it takes many years of inner effort and suffering.

 When we speak about forming the astral body — one of the chief initial aims of Gurdjieff's esoteric practice, as well as all forms of yoga — we speak about forming a body that can come into relationship with the divine emanation of Love in a completely different way than we understand the word and the action within ordinary life.  The action of what we call love within ordinary life is a pale reflection of Divine Love.

Perhaps one way to explain the differences to explain the difference between being in love and not being in love in ordinary life. The difference is vast; it's like night and day. To not be in love is to be alone, to feel like one is not whole, to have a subtle feeling of abandonment and desperation because an essential part of oneself is not being fed.

 It is exactly the same in the difference between our ordinary love and Divine Love; because our ordinary love, in comparison with Divine Love, is a state of aloneness, of not being whole, of the same abandonment and desperation, because an essential part of us is not fed. If we have our own love, but not the Love of God, we don't know what Love is.  So, in essence, all of the anxiety, fear, and terror which expresses itself in mankind has its roots in this failure to come into material relationship with Divine Love.

 The message in 1 Corinthians 13 is very nearly always compared to our expression of our ordinary love, love on and from this level; but the original meaning was Divine Love. This ought to be clear enough; because the description is exactly the description of God's love, which is supremely unconditional, unlike our own.  Yet we read it at weddings as though a man and a woman were capable of this kind of love — which is definitely not true.

Love in the hands of man so often becomes a tool for cruelty; yet in God's hands, it is never used in error.

 Above all, remember that you have the potential to open yourself to this influence of a higher Love, to have that energy enter your body and inwardly form you in a new way.

It's particularly important to remember that light can flow into us in this manner at this time of year, as we approach the moment where we celebrate the birth of Christ, who wrought permanent changes on the astral plane of the entire planet in order to open this possibility to all human beings.


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