Saturday, November 16, 2013

To grasp without obstacles

Today, I have been sober for 32 years.

In examining an inner process today, I realized that Being has the ability to grasp anything in its entirety in a single instant.

This capacity is rarely used, but it is an inherent one that always resides within Being. And there is an inexorable logic to it.

Because Being is an emanation of divine consciousness, it already knows everything, and has the capacity to understand anything within one moment. Many cases of apparent brilliance in autistic people are there simply because that one part of them functions in direct contact with this particular quality of Being.

We call this intuition without understanding its nature, which comes directly from the Divine inflow. Actually, this capacity is at work most of the time within us, and consists of that part within that recognizes everything before thought arises. There is, after all, an inalienable part of us that belongs to God which cannot be extinguished.

Thought is actually an afterthought; that is, it arises after the intuition has already grasped the situation in its entirety. The body, the physical self, already functions in movement directly from this intuitive capacity, but the mind doesn't. Thought actually obscures the living process and covers it with a perception that is no longer instantaneous, that is, of the moment.

If thought were to stop interfering with this process, we would be left with instantaneous participation, which is much more natural and grasps what is at hand without obstacles.

There's a corollary here: we see Being and knowing as separated processes, but they are actually unified. It's the process of thinking that artificially separates Being from knowing; not thinking in the sense of deep thought, which takes in and creates a new conceptual level of understanding, but the normal thinking which is reactive and which we take so much for granted as all of the thinking that our Presence consists of.

Behind this facade of thought lies a living Presence that is active. My passivity covers this and represses it.

It's intriguing to see this in action, because the living force of perception is so much more adept than thought. Why is the energy of consciousness so readily attuned to identification with the thinking? It's not obvious. It seems as though there's a tendency to seek the lowest common denominator; or perhaps this ordinary thinking is in fact an entirely unnecessary function, as was my perception years ago when I originally saw all of this question "from the top down," as it were. That experience laid all the facts of the matter bare, but it did not disclose the mechanism that obscures us from the inhabitation of our own Being; and if that isn't understood, the essential conundrum can't be penetrated.  

This reminds me of the dream I had last night about catching lobsters; but that is another matter entirely.

May your soul be filled with light.

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  1. Hi Lee,
    I have the same sobriety anniversary as you - November 16 - eleven years for me.
    I read your blog daily. Love it! Thank you.
    Cheers and blessings,


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