Thursday, November 28, 2013

Meaning is not singular

Following on the last post, in which we examine the significance of inner and outer, I would like to point out that meaning is never a singular thing.

Because of the inner transformational property of meaning, it can never be a single thing. Meaning can't be assigned to something in one dimension; it has an infinite number of dimensions.

Trying to reduce meanings to one-dimensional artifacts is like pulling the legs and wings off flies; the more you pare it down to focus on a single aspect of it's being, the less mobility it has. In this sense, people who say they "fear answers" don't so much fear answers in general, as a single answer. A single answer fails to come into relationship; and relationship is the motive force for Being. 

This is why Gurdjieff's enneagram depicts a circulating universe with principles that influence it to varying degrees and at varying times; always in circulation, always changing. The character and the meaning of any specific object, event, circumstance, or condition is thus in a state of perpetual evolution; and to ignore this is to ignore the idea that we need to live in the river and swim in it. Not subsist on bottled water.

The attraction of bottled water, of course, is that it appears pure; and we feel safe drinking it. But if we persist in this habit, eventually, we begin to think that all water is bottled, and that's the only way it comes. In this way, we may understand the drinking, but we don't understand water.

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Sacro Bosco


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  1. Interesting that hosanah is a 'cry' of praise - not your average word


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