Monday, October 7, 2013

The other two sex energies

 The two higher hydrogens that received almost no attention whatsoever in Gurdjieff's famous "chemical factory" exposition as recounted by Ouspensky in In Search of the Miraculous are, respectively speaking, Sol 12 and Mi 12.  They show up in a diagram; and that's about all we can say about them.

 Or is it?

In The Reality of Being, de Salzmann tells us that Si 12 is used for the creation of a second (yogis call it the astral) body. This body, which is created by the penetration of the cells by Si 12, creates a connection between man and the divine by reopening the inner eye and reconnecting the "thread" that mediates the inflow of divine influences in man.

In fact, one isn't actually "creating" an astral body in this action, because it already exists. The connection to it simply is not active in humans unless the right substances form, and the right interactions take place. This "formation" of the astral body is actually a reconnecting to it, which is why we call religion "religion." Religion represents an action of reconnecting of the "ligaments" of the soul to the material body. Although this is generally represented as a birth, it is actually a rebirth — that is to say, it is the reincarnation or rebirth of the soul into the material body, so that there is a connection between the soul and waking consciousness. This actually takes place in a number of degrees or stages, but the process is characterized by at least one thing, if real, and that is that insofar as it progresses, it is irreversible. That is, at least in one lifetime.  This has everything to do with Gurdjieff's warnings about crystallization.

Si 12 mediates the creation of new physical bodies (infants) in the material world; and it mediates a reconnection to the spiritual physical body on the astral level.  But because it's a higher substance related specifically to the physical, this is the most it can do. Despite the fact that this "creation" of the astral body has always been one of the major goals of yoga, it is simply an initial step. The action of the other two hydrogens, Sol 12 and Mi 12, represent different and more advanced reproductive (actually, re-creative) possibilities in man that  reconnect his emotional and intellectual Being to their corresponding (and pre-existing) awarenesses that dwell in the Divine.

These connections are quite different than the physical connection that the initial rebirth establishes, and lead to entirely different consequences.

Gurdjieff never explained this to his pupils, most likely because he never had one with the capacity to understand these questions properly in anything other than a theoretical manner. His great hope was that at least one individual would achieve the immediate goal of forming the astral body. Jeanne de Salzmann turned out to be a prodigy in this regard, and brought the work to the next step from that point.

 Lest readers think that I am engaging in conjecture here, allow me to remind you that Gurdjieff specifically said that the higher centers were already formed in man, and that what he really needed to do was reconnect them. That's basically what I am explaining above, using slightly different language. Even de Salzmann, who had undergone the completion of the first process (reconnection to the astral body) herself apparently failed to understand – or, at least, adequately communicate—the exact nature of the process. Then again, her genius was (unsurprisingly) in the movements, not technical analysis, and it does a genius no service to overlook their weaknesses – we all have them. Even Gurdjieff did.

 The specific subject of interest here is the idea of sexual reproduction and the way it relates to Si 12. The reconnecting of the astral body and its counterparts in the emotional and intellectual area all represent creative, or generative, actions that lead to rebirth. So Sol 12 and Mi 12 are also, technically, sex energy, even though this was never openly discussed, so far as I know, during Gurdjieff's lifetime.

. The matter probably has some bearing on Gurdjieff's cryptic remark about the "three sexes" in the first chapter of Beelzebub's Tales to His Grandson. In addition, it relates quite directly to the somewhat more extensive material in In Search of the Miraculous about the second (astral), third, and fourth bodies, whose connections to the material body are re-formed by Sol 12 and Mi 12.

Each of these actions a reconnecting represents a successive stage in the opening of the divine inflow, or influence, as Gurdjieff and de Salzmann would have called it.

May your soul be filled with light.



  1. but doesn't g say (in the third series) that we are not born with a soul... but have to create of the few true things the 'occultists' (those 'will-less parasites') understood.....?

  2. of course, metaphysically, G was wrong it seems, each person is born not another, cadacualtically. But he did strongly claim that we were born without souls....Not that that was ever mentioned in gay paris - or anywhere else except in that bk - which Pauline de Dampierre claimed was published by his relatives to try and make a dolllar. How many children did G sire btw :)


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