Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Solar Influences, Part 3

School of Pinturicchio
15th century, Vatican Museum
Mystical Madonna of S. Caterina
Photograph by the author

 I've explained before that the sun is an aperture that stands between the material world and heaven, through which divine influences flow into the natural universe. All suns serve this function; so the universe is something like a "sieve,"punctured with trillions of "holes" that are connected to a higher level.

The action is furthermore reciprocal; black holes, which appear to "disappear" from our universe, actually represent locations at which the material results of this level return to the higher one from which they originally emanated. That's why they are located at the center of galaxies. They represent the Being of the galaxies.

So there is a definite kind of circulation taking place, which has not been properly understood by modern astronomy or physics.

The reasons for this are complex and difficult to discern; I could perhaps explain them in more detail, but I don't have the space to devote to that now;  suffice it to say that the teachings surrounding the enneagram were originally designed to scientifically describe this process. One simply need understand the principle in its broad strokes in order to see how it functions. The important thing to remember is that we are here to come under divine influences.

Because we are psychologically oriented, we don't understand that this is an organic relationship — that is, not just some inner organs, but the entire body itself, is a single organ designed to come into relationship. We tend perceive our bodies as being made of multiple organs, and distinguish between their functions, but the important thing to do is to sense the entire body as a whole and single organ.

Three centered Being is the sensation of Being as a single organ.

 The foundational sensation of Being begins with sensation of the body as a whole and single thing. When Christ says, in Matthew 6:22,  The light of the body is the eye: if therefore thine eye be single, thy whole body shall be filled with light, it is not really referring to any ordinary kind of eye, including the third eye; what it means is that a complete sensation of the body as a whole organ allows the light of the Lord to enter.

That is, when the light is present, the body becomes an eye: and this is precisely what Ibn Arabi meant when, in the beginning of his magnum opus The Bezels of Wisdom, he said that man is to God as the pupil is to the eye.

 In the same way that the sun is an aperture that opens into heaven, from which streams the divine influence and emanations that help all lower creatures, man's entire Being, if it is whole, becomes an aperture for perception that allows impressions — the totality of all that takes place — to flow back towards the divine source. So in the same way that black holes "swallow" matter and return it to the heavenly sources from which it came, human beings swallow impressions and return them to God.  We are, in other words, analogous to black holes: we are tiny event horizons into which the world "disappears" as impressions enter us, apparently leaving the known universe as it manifests externally; but actually creating another universe of a completely different order in an inward way, which is inward formation, or what we call information.

When we open inwardly and allow the world to flow into us in a right way, all the material that is emanated from the sun for the creation of the reality we experience, which is processed by the forces of material reality, encounters us as a set of impressions and flows back inward towards the divine, returning the results of creation to God.

 The mysterious symbol of the worm oroborous was originally meant to symbolize this circulation. The thing to remember here is that the entire experience of Being is meant to play a specific role in the circulation of divine energy through the material world. The symbol of the enneagram, with its iterations through the various divine influences, is also meant to delineate this process, albeit in more detail.

 Stripping away the many different alternatives which complicate the question, this is man's essential purpose. The inward flow of impressions is supposed to return to the Divine, if our Being is aligned properly.

If a man has no real Being, this process cannot take place.

May your soul be filled with light.

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  1. Lee, Now I know why my Solar Gazing over the past thirty years has developed into a gazing "THROUGH" the Sun, and the introduction of the term "aperture" is going to be extremely vital in my own work.
    In my personal Sun Gazing, which I began to do after reading that Isaac Newton watched The Sun for six months, at all hours, and spent the following year and a half in a darkened room while writing his book "Optics". He is also known to have taken a darning needle and inserted it near the tear duct to have a personal verification of the retinal attachment which produces our famous "blind spot". And being the kind of person I am and have been, I thought to myself if he can do it, so can I, and that began my Sun gazing adventures.

    I used to put various herbs and foods in my mouth and then watch the corona shimmer in different ways and colors. Now, even at noon on the summer solstice I will gaze at the sun, and when I do so, I do it with completely open eyes from the very beginning – and there is enough light that I usually can't find the disk of the sun for a period of time. I keep gazing until I manage to find the disk which I then center my gaze upon until it turns black. Following that, I close and cover my eyes and I absorb and eat the light, which is only three colors: blue in the middle surrounded by green surrounded by red.

    I gaze at the after image watching each color emerge and recede for sometimes 10 minutes. But at other times, whenever I see that the sun is out I will gaze at it while walking as long as I can.


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