Sunday, October 6, 2013

Sex energy, and other higher energies

 While going over some material regarding the nature of Gurdjieff's teachings on si 12— that is, the "hydrogen" which he called sex energy (actually, all the so-called hydrogens relate to hormones and other specific chemical secretions in the human body) a few interesting points came up. I thought I'd expound on these matters for those who may be puzzled by some of de Salzmann's remarks on them in The Reality of Being.

First of all, it ought to be pointed out that the human body has specific chemical receptors on the surfaces of cells that bind to substances such as opiates, hallucinogens such as LSD, etc.

This is because the body can produce these substances naturally, and will do so, in higher religious states.

Each of these chemicals has a very specific purpose in terms of aligning the human being with God. They all do different things, and the alignments are there for different reasons. If we were using a Swedenborg interpretation — which isn't at all unreasonable — we would explain it by saying that each one opens a human being to inflow from a specific part or section of heaven, all of which have different aspects and serve different purposes. Ibn Arabi, take note, might have given us a very similar explanation—because it's true.

One of the reasons that Gurdjieff insisted on an effort towards balanced development was because all of the parts need to be in harmony for a full opening of the divine inflow to take place.

In any event, the molecular structure of these receptors is actually different than the molecules intoxicant drugs provide. Their fundamentally foreign molecules incorporate subtle differences, largely in the way they are folded, that prevents them from acting on the cell surfaces exactly the way naturally produced molecular substances are meant to.

This means they can't produce the very precise inner states that become available when these sites are occupied. They produce, instead, a variety of disorganized states that mimic, but cannot fully approach, the full depth of real, divinely mediated religious experience.

Orgasm in a human being results from the union of the precise molecular components that "si 12" comprises with the cells that are designed to receive this substance.

Because human beings generally associate all that is "good" with pleasure, most specifically, either physical or emotional pleasure, they don't realize that not all higher states are "pleasurable" in the sense that we understand pleasure from our ordinary state—not at all.

Higher states are objective, which is in fact very different than pleasurable.

To highlight that, let's understand that orgasm is the expression of si 12 for the body, and produces a physical pleasure.

The expression of the higher "12" hydrogen associated with emotional center, sol 12, is an unusual event that most human beings never experience except in a fleeting glimpse. It produces the opposite effect that si 12 produces in the body; that is, it produces not pleasure but an unbearable anguish.

This emotive (actually, feeling) response is an objective rendering of the self in relationship to the divine from a feeling-based perspective, and relates closely to Gurdjieff's remorse of conscience, which is the emotive (lower emotional center) correspondence to the higher expression of Divine Anguish.

This particular expression of higher hydrogen is in fact exactly what Gurdjieff meant when he discussed the particles of "the Sorrow of His Endlessness." Human beings can only imagine how immeasurably vast and comprehensive the Sorrow of His Endlessness is, because the Sorrow of God is a Divine Sorrow that transcends ordinary mortal sorrow in the same way that every divine principle eclipses any mortal correspondence. The equipment man has that allows him (through Grace) to touch the edge of Divine Sorrow brings him into contact with only an infinitesimal fraction thereof; yet even then, without active Divine support and mediation, it will most certainly kill him.

Undertaking an "engineered" or forced receiving of such a quality of Being is not only dangerous but nearly impossible; only the Divinely mediated inflow can bring a human being to the balanced experience of these two hydrogens simultaneously, which is called "religious ecstasy" in the traditions.

The third force in religious ecstasy is the expression of "mi 12," the higher hydrogen related to intellectual center. This particular hydrogen is related to enlightenment in the sense of all-knowing. It may not always be present, because the simultaneous experience of any two of these forces automatically and lawfully polarizes Being (the inner state)  in such a way that the third, missing higher hydrogen becomes the reconciling force.

The three higher hydrogens, taken in summary, open man to All—sensing (orgamsic), All-feeling (anguishing), and All-knowing (omni-prescient) states which are a channeling of the Divine into material reality.

 More on the subject tomorrow.

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