Thursday, October 10, 2013

Halfway up a Cliff in the Dark

Oct. 8, part 2.

Another consequence of the sitting I had this morning, in which I pondered the nature of my lack, & the objective fact that it doesn't actually belong to me. The thought came to me at 5:30 a.m., halfway up the hill (climbing the Palisades, as I do every morning)  in the dark—an appropriate place, perhaps. 

Over the years, I've worked with many exercises given by other experts—some of them apparently very experienced— in which they invite those working with them to use their imaginal powers to sense various chakras and energies, and the connections between them.

Persons who can actually transmit experience of this kind—especially at depth— are, in my experience, extremely rare. And the difficulty with almost all of these exercises is that they begin with ideas, not with a sense of the inner self. 

Not with sensation.

Real understanding about the chakras and how they work is beginning to understand that you don't need to know how the chakras work. This construct is a conceptual and ideological information. It comes from the head.  

What is needed, instead, is to stop thinking about these things and develop a much more immediate awareness of the thread that connects one to heaven.

This thread is either not present, or barely functional, in man. Yet it has the ability to become an extremely strong connection, one that eclipses other experiences of life and places itself in the forefront of Being. This is when the uselessness of the imaginal and conceptual forces begin to become apparent. And it is a much stronger connection to this influence, or thread, that we must develop.  

This only becomes possible by willing to be specific with the attention to the energy, and that's very difficult, because everything in life is designed to draw one away from this kind of attention. The seed of understanding connected to this thread needs to become the most precious thing in life, a nectar which is constantly remembered and sought for.

What is necessary is to come into relationship with the energy itself. Not the idea of the energy. Not the thought of where the energy needs to go or what it ought to do. All that is already known to the energy itself, and the most that I can bring to that is interference.

One final note about things in me, which took some time to digest and emerged several hours later, during my long drive to work.

There is not enough appreciation. That is, I do not value things enough.

This can't be seen in any other way but on the long scale of time, as it manifests within Being. So much of developing real Being is centered around seeing how one doesn't have real Being... and the understanding that I don't value enough can't emerge without a distinct taste for the length of one's life. Not in the sense of how long one has lived, but taking the measurement within one's Self from the inner point of view.

When gathering together all the impressions of life to make them whole— I've spoken of this action before—there are times where one sees, for a moment, how one doesn't value.

And this is an absolutely enormous question, because its roots go down to the core of being and lack.

May your soul be filled with light.

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  1. great posts lee. thank you. Maybe we can say lack doesn't belong to 'me' but let's not obliterate the unique soul that each of us remorse is not that of another soul...each one unique or cadacualtic to use the spanish neologism. Interesting this thing about not 'thinking' about whatever, G saw this as a good definition of 'perversion' - using the wrong centre for say, sex, is 'perversion'. Just do it :) Not that I do.


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