Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Divine Love and Wisdom

Divine Love and Wisdom is the title of one of Swedenborg's seminal works; but it is also the quality of Gurdjieff's higher emotional and higher intellectual center.

These higher centers are, as he himself said, under higher influences, which means they are under higher energies which flow inward into man from what are divine sources. As such they are essentially indistinguishable from Swedenborg's inflow, the inward receiving of Divine influences.

Many contemporaries thought Swedenborg was a madman subject to hallucinations; but if he was, he was Gurdjieff's kind of madman; after all, these aspects of their teaching are nearly identical, allowing for language. Swedenborg, moreover, was a materialist scientist who, like Gurdjieff, insisted that the mediation of the Divine on this level was fundamentally and absolutely material.

Hydrogens Sol 12 and Mi 12 are the two hydrogens which, respectively, mediate these forces; but Gurdjieff and de Salzmann said very little about their action. This was because the essential foundational force of material preparation had to be engaged before any action of these substances could even be considered. This is one of the reasons his work (and de Salzmann's)  focused so much of the movements, and establishment of a physical connection to the body. An unprepared vessel cannot hold or contain any higher energies related to Divine Love and Wisdom. Once again, unsurprisingly, Swedenborg taught essentially the same principles.

The essential purpose of man is to receive these energies and become an expression of Divine Love and Wisdom on this level; yet we're unable. It's the organic recognition of this fact— seeing our lack, as de Salzmann called it—that determines our ability to qualify as prepared for any further steps in this direction. We are, after all, consumed with hubris—Gurdjieff very tactfully called it the belief that man can do—which overcomes any possible idea of submission to higher principles that do not, in any way, shape, or form, belong to us.

Divine Love and Wisdom can begin to act in man or woman, but only insofar as they submit, in an inner sense, to the dissolution of the qualities that belong to ego. No bootstrapping is possible here; ego, of course, believes that it can dissolve itself, and it commands the ordinary Being to believe this in what has to be one of the most fascinating defensive mechanisms anyone could ever think up.

It's in action 24 hours a day, seven days a week in every human being, yet manages to remain, for the greatest part, completely invisible.

May your soul be filled with light.

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